Oakbrook Business School organized “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” Started on 20th to 22th October, 2016 Gujrat arts & Science College. The event Started in the presence of notable dignitaries from entrepreneurial sector and its facilitators. All the participants showed their keen interest for learning the new emerging opportunities and also about the schemes of the government in developing the science sector.

Some Eminent speakers during EAC were Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, Mr.Amit Trivedi and Mr.Jayant Athwale , Mr.Rohit Patel ,Ms.Riddhi Ambawale

Day One


The Events start with welcome the guest.

Dignitaries were welcomed with bouquet & Flowers by the faculties of college.

The introductory session was taken by Ms. Nirali – Professor Gujrat arts and science College. She welcomed all the dignitaries and participants a acknowledged Oakbrook Business School. She gave brief introduction of Gujrat arts & Science college and “ Udisha ”.


Mr. Chandramauli Pathak (Mentor & Advisor of OBS)

Mr. Chandramauli Pathak (Mentor & Advisor of OBS) presented the overview of the initiatives taken by the
Institute to promote Entrepreneurship amongst students.

He gave brief introduction of Oakbrook Business School.

He Started Session with the presentation on characteristics and potentials of a successful entrepreneur.

Subsequently made discussed on the topic “ENTREPRENEURIAL ECONOMY AND OPPORTUNITIES”. And explained concept of entrepreneurship and motivated students to think differently and be innovative.

He emphatically stated that people today desire for quality and luxury and do not hesitate to pay more if served with quality products. This leads to an era where smart entrepreneurs can assure their target clients by providing quality and innovative products which makes the customer’s life easy.

He further discussed about Entrepreneurship Development Cycle, Entrepreneur Challenging and Entrepreneur: Process and Stages and gene in depth clarity over the topics.

He concluded by saying that entrepreneurs should be risk takers but also smart risk takers. The participants were motivated by his convincing speech

Mr. Amit Trivedi


The next session was taken by Mr. Amit Trivedi Started his session by interactivity with participants shred his own experience.

After that he played the Game of Cubical in the group of ten students and with this game activity they conclude that how to increase our confidence level by identifying our skills and using that skills in routine life.

The participants were motivated by his convincing speech. The first day ended with open house discussion where they solved their doubts for taking up their career as an entrepreneur.

Mr. Jayant Athawale

Mr. Jayant Athawale is completed his MBA from University of Poona. He is having Hodge experience of working in Govt. as well as corporate sector. He has worked with GIIC 7 GITCO in the field of entrepreneurial and industries development. He has been working as a consultant since 1990 and has played pivotal role in setting up a number of ventures. Mr. Athawale has prominent teaching experience and currently works as visiting faculty at EDI. He has also worked with NGOs and & bodies like International Labour Organization (ILO), ICECD and many more.

Mr. Jayant Athavale (Expert), had a very interactive session with the Participants. He started session by giving gave many examples of Entrepreneurship and started about the impact of marketing in today’s world.

He focused on bankable business plan & explained Source of finance Subsidy, grants, inters subsidy, Subsidy, grants, inters subsidy etc.

He gave many information on Unique selling prepositions, gain to idea, online survey and marketing a new product.

Fund – Money is primary requirement of any business. There are many options available with a businessman to get a fund but before that he/she must have to understand the requirement of a business, financial plan – cost of a business and the business cycle as well.

He then listed the fundamental requirements of being an entrepreneur and laid down factors one should assess the before executing a business plan. An entrepreneur does thorough analysis of the market, feasibility of the idea, surveying the target audience and ways to cater to them. An entrepreneur then creates a well-manicured business plan with innovative marketing strategies. He asked the students to do a thorough market survey before plunging into an entrepreneurial venture, along with the idea it is extremely important to test the feasibility of the idea. He concluded by saying that entrepreneurs should be risk takers but also smart risk takers.

Ms. Riddhi Ambawale

Ms.Riddhi Ambawale, Faculty of Oakbrook Business School has delivered an expert session on the importance of market trend & analysis of current market for the new She explained Feasibility Report and Levels of feasibility assessment, Technical feasibility.

She discussed about how to generate data primary data and secondary data.

Each of the students was divided into groups and was asked to create product creative brand, company name, company logo, product, marketing strategy and selling.

She explained the concepts with the help of audio-video presentation which created interest amongst participants. The participants were motivated by her convincing speech. She happily answered the curious students and enlightened them with her prolific knowledge and experience.

Mr.Rohit Patel

The Next session take by Mr. Rohit Patel he urged the participants to ask questions. He discussed about effective communication.

He explained verbal and non verbal communication and discussed about communication gap showing a few photos. He showcased creativity in advertisements video. He stated that there could be no substitute for stringent hard work, he added quote “Success is 1% aspiration and 99% perspiration”

He discussed about frequency of ideas, flexibility of ideas and guessing ability and sensitivity. He share one effective story and he showed a film and asked about moral they got from it. He advised the students to think differently and gave examples of successful entrepreneurs.

He explained the concepts with the help of audio-video presentation which created interest amongst participants. The participants were motivated by her convincing speech. He happily answered the curious participants and enlightened them with his prolific knowledge and experience.