Oakbrook Business School organized its 4th HR Conclave on 30th January 2016. The newly formed HR Club – “HARMONY” presented the theme of the event by beautiful rangoli depicting its logo. The objective of this conclave was to understand how business entities are re-engineering their various HR functions and adopting new practices to make HR more competent.

The event started with lightning of the lamp by all the dignitaries & delegates from different institutes. Ms. Shraddha Sheth, Academic head of Oakbrook Business School, acknowledged dignitaries with flowers and gave the welcome note. Ms. Sheth introduced all the dignitaries with the beautiful journey of Oakbrook Business School till date and also briefed them about all the previous three HR Conclaves organized by OBS. Ms. Sheth explained the importance of this conclave to the students and how it would be helpful for them to decide their specialties for internship (SIP) and final placement as well.

Dr. D. M. Pestonjee, former professor, IIM, was the Chief Guest and first speaker of the morning. Dr. Pestonjee briefed about the evolution of the human resource from 1000 AD to the present. Sir gave an infamous case about ‘Infant Labor’ from 19th century, England to explain the importance of the HR as a concept and its need in various industries. Dr. Pestonjee explained the concept of three H, i.e., the Hand, the Head and the Heart which relates to the paradigm shift happening in the HR industry today. Sir also threw some light on the various challenges being faced by the HR industry related to hiring new employees and other uncommon issues such as role efficacy in organization, spirituality, learned optimism, health, wellbeing and happiness, virtual teams, and few others.

Next distinguished speaker of the day was Mr. Mitesh Rathod who is a young entrepreneur, founder of KAS Consultancy based in Bhavnagar. Mr. Rathod’s center of focus was PMS (Performance Management System). Sir enthusiastically explained the concept of PMS and in what crucial ways it is different from the PA (Performance Appraisal). Students of Oakbrook Business School were very motivated by Mr. Rathod as he sets a very unusual but a successful example of scope for HR personnel in entrepreneurship. Mr. Rathod also gave an opportunity to the students at the end of the session to interact with him in which he could answer their queries and guide them for their career.

Mr. Babu Thomas, Regional Head – HR from the GVK EMRI group was the guest of honor of the event. He definitely left a mark on the student’s minds through a lively presentation on Employee Engagement. Mr. Thomas shared the vision and mission of the GVK EMRI 108 Service and shared some extra ordinary achievements of the 108 service for example attending to 3000 emergencies a day on an average, article about 108 Service in Harvard Business Review and the coveted award for the Best HR Practice in North India. Mr. Thomas credited all of these achievements and growth to the concept of Employee Engagement, stating that Employee Engagement is a bigger concept than Motivation. Mr. Thomas explained various aspects of employee engagement such as different types of engagement, roots of engagement, engagement activities and benefits of engaged employees. Mr. Thomas also shared few Employee Engagement practices adopted at GVK EMRI like engagement activity calendar, periodic assessment, compulsory training for each employee, regular fun activities, participation of every employees in PMS & PA process.

Vote of thanks was given by Ms. Radha Gandhi to all dignitaries, guests and Oakbrook family members for making the event memorable which was followed by a group photo session.

In second half Post lunch, HR related game was organized namely “Jigsaw Puzzle”, in which 13 teams of four students took part. Teams required to assemble the jigsaw pieces depicting some or another concept of HR, in correct form and they were than evaluated in five different key areas such as time taken, team work, accuracy, and most crucially, concept identification and justification.