Oakbrook Business School conducted its ____ “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” of three days from 21st to 23rd July, 2016 at Shree V & K Patel Institute of Engineering. This EAC was exclusively for science and technology students.

The introductory session was taken by Ms. Kanchan – Professor of Government Polytechnic College for Girls. She welcomed all the dignitaries and participants.

Day 1


The first speaker on the first day of EAC was Mr. Chandramauli Pathak (Entrepreneurship Expert). He started his speech on an ambitious note saying that experimentation is a very crucial part for becoming an entrepreneur. He explained from where the entrepreneurship starts, the process and stages of an entrepreneurship, the capabilities required, the challenges to face, the government policies and support to a new entrepreneur and how one can explore his career as entrepreneur right from the college stage by exploring various opportunities and building confidence. His session gave the basic insight of entrepreneur to the students.

Mr. Vijay Desai:

The next session was taken by Mr. Vijay Desai. He started his session by giving brief idea about the garment industry and how can one enter into it. He explained the importance of passion and inspired to work hard for our dream as the efforts never go in vain. He added that a bold and hard-working entrepreneur can find several ways in
order to achieve his goal. He stressed on the “Innovation” factor of an idea and advised the students to open-up their minds and bring forth innovative yet realistic ideas.

Day Two


Ms. Nita Shah (Ex Chairperson, Gujarat Chambers)

Ms. Nita Shah took session on the topic “Business Opportunities, Identification & Selection”. She explained the students about identifying business opportunities by observing thoroughly, doing market analysis and figuring out the needs and demands of the target consumer. She said that setting up an enterprise is a step-wise process and if
followed properly with innovative ideas, a fruitful business plan can be prepared easily. She concluded her session by saying that it needs tedious hard-work to start a venture but abundant patience in order to see results.


Mr. Chandramauli Pathak.

The session was planned in an activity form wherein participants were divided into equal team members. Mr. Pathak guided the participants to take 15 minutes and think on the company name, brand name and product that they want to sell. Participants actively participated discussed among themselves and learned to work in teams. Participants had 15 to 20 minutes to make their products out of straws and other materials as they wish. Participants put all efforts to make their product best and competitive spirit was seen among them.

Then Mr. Pathak told the participants to exhibit, market their products and try to sell them out to the clients. Great marketing skills were seen in the young talent as they try their best to sell out the products.

Participants learnt to decide company’s name, develop a brand and a product, to market the product, to strategize their sales and to negotiate and work in teams in this activity.


Day Three

Mr. Vijay Shah

Mr. Shah stated that anything in the world is possible if a person has determination and dedication to accomplish that task. He motivated the students to have new innovative ideas to do something different. He advised that one should do market research and then enter into the market. He also discussed about the traits one needs to be a successful entrepreneur by listing great inventors and story about their inventions that have changed the world we live in.


Mr. Padmin Buch (SME Development expert)

The next session was taken by Mr. Padmin Buch. He held an interactive session where he gave a presentation on entrepreneurs. He said that an entrepreneur is a risk-taker and faces the challenges with confidence and composure. He then listed the fundamental requirements of being an entrepreneur and laid down factors one should assess before executing a business plan. An entrepreneur does thorough analysis of the market, feasibility of the idea, surveying the target audience and ways to cater to them. An entrepreneur then creates a well-manicured business plan with innovative marketing strategies. Mr. Buch asked the students to do a thorough market survey before plunging into an entrepreneurial venture, along with the idea it is extremely important to test the feasibility of the idea. He concluded by saying that entrepreneurs should be risk takers but also smart risk takers.


The next session was taken by Ms. Riddhi Ambavale., faculty of Marketing Management at Oakbrook Business School. She delivered a session on how to market a new product. She discussed about the smart tips of Quick Marketing. Ms. Ambavale spoke on the advertising funda, its advantages and disadvantages. She gave examples of different companies whose advertisement failed in reality.

The camp was well organized and was acknowledged by the staff of the college. They also showed their keen interest in attending such programs in future.