Civil Engineering: Industry Growth and Employability 27th March



A scintillating seminar was held at Oakbrook Business School on 27th Mar’ 2014 on the topic “Industry growth and employability of Civil Engineers”. The seminar had presence of a large number of students from various colleges as well as various semesters of Chemical Engineering. The students were eager to get addressed by prominent personalities of the field and get insightful anecdotes from them.

The seminar had presence of profound personalities of Civil Engineering sector from academia as well as industry namely Dr. Rupesh Vasani (Principal. SAL Institute of Technology & Research), Shri Viplav Shah (Director – Strategic Planning, HCP), Shri Nimitt Karia (Director, Development2020). The seminar was a highly interactive seminar where students and speakers shared their views and looked upon the opportunities in the field of Civil Engineering.

Speaker 1: Dr. Rupesh Vasani (Principal. SAL Institute of Technology & Research)

Dr. Vasani has more than 21 years of experience which includes Academic & Field experience. He has won various awards and honours like Best Paper presented, Best Lecture delivered, Best outstanding Alumni etc. He has one PATENT to his credit & has also registered two more research works for PARENT. He has presented number of papers at various National & International Conferences & Journals. He is an ISO auditor for academic and Civil Construction. He has written more than six text books for Civil & Computer Engineering branches & published 3 manuals which was sponsored by Government Of India.

Dr. Vasani gave an enticing presentation about the future prospects of Civil Engineering; he started his speech by stating the Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of engineering. He further added that world has developed immensely infrastructure wise, due to distinct breed of Civil engineers who dare to be different. He asserted that the rise in population in the coming years will be challenging for Civil Engineers since they would be requiring innovative ways to manage structures that use the available spaces judiciously, the transport sector, the residential development sector etc. will require thoughtful and smart Civil engineers who will create smart spaces and development innovative buildings and building materials. He ended his speech by saying that the Civil engineers have a very bright future ahead and there lies no scarcity of jobs for them provided if they possess excellence.

Speaker 2: Shri Viplav Shah (Director – Strategic Planning, HCP)

Mr. Viplav Shah is a prolific engineer who has considerable project management experience on large architectural projects, and assists with HCP’s company management activities. He leads the construction management group and is responsible for business development of the firm. He has completed his Management Education Programme (MEP), from IIM, Ahmedabad, Bachelor of Technology (Construction Technology), 1996 from School of Building Science and Technology, CEPT, Ahmedabad.

His abundant experience includes his involvement in building Aga Khan Academy, Arvind Mills Corporate Studio, Birla Dham Township, CII – SN Centre of Excellence for Leadership, Corporate Headquarters, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., New Campus for the Indian Institute of Management, Safal Profitaire, Shantigram Township etc.

Mr. Shah started of the speech by defining Civil Engineering and that it is the most traditional form of engineering. He asserted that there are abundant opportunities for quality Civil Engineers, they can start working even when they are studying provided that they have thirst for learning. A student with a creative bent of mind can go for further studies, research and teaching etc. He concluded that Civil Engineering has the broadest and widest range of opportunities in the near future, it is you who has to make yourself eligible enough to grab those opportunities.

Speaker 3: Nimitt Karia (Director, Development2020)

His professional experience enables him immense knowledge and vision to deliver successful and sustainable buildings. He has livid experience on property development projects at senior management level for 12 years have helped him to understand and broaden his perspectives regarding Strategic Management issues – both in business as well as on projects.

He has completed his education from renowned institutes like Middlesex University, UK, Uni College London and CEPT. His work experience includes working with ASPEE Environs/ Radisson, Amrapali Group/ IHG, Venus Group, Savvy Infrastructures Ltd., Bakeri Engg & Infra Ltd., Pramukh Developers and many more under the banner of his renowned company Development2020.

He started off his speech by talking about his experience in the Civil Engineering Industry. He talked about his experience as a student, as an intern and described his journey in the industry. He stated that there are ample opportunities for Civil Engineers in the field who are innovative, smart and daring. The world is changing and there are several technologies that are coming up, a student should be aware of these developments and hence be at par with new age technology and create innovative structures.