Computer Engineering: Industry Growth and Employability 28th March



A scintillating seminar was held at Oakbrook Business School on 28th Mar’ 2014 on the topic “Industry growth and employability of Computer Engineers”. The seminar had presence of a large number of students from various colleges as well as various semesters of Chemical Engineering. The students were eager to get addressed by prominent personalities of the field and get insightful anecdotes from them.

The seminar had presence of profound personalities of Computer Engineering sector from academia as well as industry namely Ekta Mehul (Head, eiTRA – eInfochips Training and Research Academy), Hiteishi Diwanji (Faculty, L.D. College of Engineering), Shaishav Singh( Founder, Dotcad Pvt. Ltd). The seminar was a highly interactive seminar where students and speakers shared their views and looked upon the opportunities in the field of Computer Engineering.

Speaker 1: Ekta Mehul (Head, eiTRA – eInfochips Training and Research Academy)

Ms Ekta Mehul has vibrant experience in the field of computer engineering. At eiTRA she heads the entire Business Operations, Overall execution and functioning of eiTRA, majorly on technical and research aspects. She has worked at several premier orgnisations namely eInfochips, as Training coordinator (ASIC), External Advisor, V. R. Systems, Asst. Prod. & HOD, Babaria Institute of Technology, Asst. Prof. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology. She has finished her PhD in Wireless Sensor Networking from MS University and her M.Tech from DAIICT, Gandhinagar. Apart from this she is an Executive Member for Computer Society of India; Life Member in IETE, ISTE technical organizations.

She started off her speech on an interactive note, she asked the students whether they knew about the difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Application. She cleared the confusion among the students by saying that Computer Engineering is an integral branch of the technology clad world today. There are several opportunities for bright and talented Computer Engineering enthusiasts. Her session was a highly interactive one, many students asked her questions and she was humble enough to answer all of them with great vigor. She concluded her speech by advising the students to excel in the field and develop their communication as well as interpersonal skills.

Speaker 2: Hiteishi Diwanji (Faculty, L.D. College of Engineering)

Ms. Hiteishi Diwanji has over 11 years of experience in the academia. She also has an impressive industry experience to boast about. She has worked at premier institutes like L.D. College of Engineering and Vishwakarma Engineering College as assistant professor. She has worked at organizations such as Surat Electricity Co., Ahmedabad Electricity Co. and Axon Computers.

She initiated her speech by defining Computer Engineering. She told about the basic skills of computer engineering, and asked the students to be clear about primary principles of Computer Engineering. She advised the students explore opportunities in the security field since cyber security is one of the growing concern of the coming age. She also asked the students to look for further certifications and get advanced knowledge in the field that will make them stand out. According to her, the students today lack in communication skills, she asked the students to develop their soft skills and thereby improve their employability in the field of computer engineering.

Speaker 3: Shaishav Singh ( Founder, Dotcad Pvt. Ltd)

Mr. Shaishav Singh is founded Dotcad in 1987 and has been in this field since then, though he doesn’t possess academic background as a Computer Engineer, his immense passion for this field has driven him to where he is today. He also heads the IT- Services portfolio as a Director at the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT University), was part of the founding team which formed AlltimeIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 2011 and is currently on the board of Directors. He has held positions of interim CEO and Technology Director and has recently been assigned to dive deeper into innovation and branding.

Mr. Shaishav Singh began his speech by asking the students about their future goals, he asked whether they had any entrepreneurial ideas or aspirations. He then said that employability is a very critical aspect, and by being an entrepreneur; one can generate opportunities for several other fellow students. He advised the students to be daring enough to plunge into new arenas and carve their own prospects rather than looking for them. He further added that one must follow their dream and work in order to excel. He concluded his speech by saying that one must possess risk taking attitude and a zest for knowledge, these qualities will lead you increase your employability quotient.