Management challenges and becoming a socially Responsible Organisation 19th September 2014


The new Companies’ Act by the Govt. Of India has made CSR activity mandatory for the companies, the act states that a company should spend atleast 2% of its turn-over on CSR activities. This act will encourage the companies to actively participate in the social development of the country and thereby give back to the society. Oakbrook Business School believes in imbibing overall knowledge in its students and bringing forth citizens who are not just smart intellectually but are responsible citizens as well. Keeping this in mind Oakbrook Business School took an initiative to inculcate the value of Social responsibility among its students.

An invigorating seminar was held on 19th September 2014 at Oakbrook Business School campus on the topic “Management challenges and becoming a Socially Responsible Organisation”. The seminar had the presence of prominent personalities of the Corporate sector and personalities who had done notable work in the field of CSR.

The first session of seminar was on the topic “Decoding and Demystifying social Responsibility”. The speakers who garnered the seminar for the first session were Dr. Arbind Sinha, Faculty, MICA; Mr. Bharat Joshi, Manager, Blind People’s Association; Ms. Sushma Oza, CEO, Adani Foundation; Mr. Amitsingh Gohil, Executive Director, TiE; Mr. R.S Pandey, Chairman, GHCL Foundation; Mr. Anil Patel, Area Manager, Ford India. The speakers shared their experiences and told the students to look forward to a career in Corporate Social Responsibility as it is an emerging field in the country and has great prospects in the future. The speakers talked about NGOs and a number other organisations who are active in infusing overall development of our society.

The next session was on the topic “Understanding and implementing Social Initiatives”. The speakers for this seminar were Mr. Apurva Oza, CEO, Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, Mr. Anomitra Das, Head-HR, TATA Consultancy Services, Mr. Neeraj Lal, Head-CSR, Arvind, Mr. Joel Evans, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer, GMDC, Ms. Janki Vasant, Founder, Samvedna. The speakers of this session talked about the various initiatives their respective organisations have taken. They said that any company, even a start company can indulge in CSR activity. They further added that CSR doesn’t mean to contribute monetarily; it also means to provide skills, training and help in raising the required fund for a particular initiatives. They gave examples of charity walks, Blood donation drives, charity events etc. The students of Oakbrook Business School asked several questions to the eminent speakers and won their hearts with their curiosity and honesty. The speakers were happy to answer the speakers and threw more light on their doubts about CSR. At the end of the seminar the guest speakers were felicitated with a small token of appreciation from the institute.

The seminar gave insights about the new Companies’ Act and also opened the horizons of about innovative Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for the betterment of the society. The seminar kept the students engrossed in the field of social responsibility and made them more aware about the social backdrops of our country. At the end of the seminar, the students were left all the more enlightened about CSR activities and its need in our country in order to reinforce social development. Oakbrook Business School takes great pride in conducting such development induced seminars and wishes to continue its initiatives.