The first day of the camp was an exciting day for the budding entrepreneurs. The participants came from different age groups yet in no time they conversed with each other and gelled well! The first day sessions were conducted by Dr. Chandramauli Pathak and Mr. Paresh Pandya.

The day started with a brief welcome by Dr. Nivedita Srivastava, Dean, Oakbrook Business School. She gave a brief introduction about Oakbrook Business School and introduced Dr. Chandramauli Pathak, who was the moderator for the first day. Dr. Pathak started his session by asking the students to form groups and interact with each her by asking their names, hobbies and their career goal. The students were then scattered into different groups and hence mingled well with Dr. Pathak’s innovative and interactive gimmicks.

The participants were asked to decorate their tables according to their wishes and make it all the more creative and enticing. The participants explored their creative instincts and got various props like chart papers, sketch pens, paper cups etc to decorate their table. The students were then given a set of straws and asked to create an object out of it.

The next session was taken by Mr. Paresh Pandya, he gave insight to the students about entrepreneurial attributes. He gave a presentation about sharpening your current skills and explore new skills. He asserted that Human beings have a unique brain which can do wonders and one must learn to utilize its strength and gain from it. The session ended with a hearty session from Mr. Pandya which left the students thoroughly enlightened and inspired.