Oakbrook Business School organized Diwali Camp – 5th Entrepreneurial Orientation Programme for youth – “Catch them Young” from 27th October 2016 to 29th October 2016. All Participants were excited to know exactly what they would learn through innovative ways.


Day 1, 29th October, 2016

Day one of the camp started at 10 am with great enthusiasm of participants at OBS Campus. After breakfast all the students gathered in classroom.


Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi, Director of Oakbrook Business School briefed about Oakbrook Business School and its MBA programme. Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi made session more interactive by discussing the objective of program & describing word “Entrepreneur“. Subsequently, she listed down the qualities and characteristics of leadership.

She also discussed about qualities of successful people and past Camp organized by Oakbrook Business School and showed motivational video clips to all the Participant & Made them motivated for next session.

Second session was about learning through dramatics methodology. It motivated Participants for doing various practical activities. The session started by instructing the participants to stand in a circle. In the first activity Trainer asked told the students to call out their names one after another as loud as they could. Then it was instructed the participants to call out the immediate standing participant name as loud as they can. That exercise facilitated participants to enhance concentration, alertness and awareness of participants.


He engaged Participants into various games which were not just fun but interactive. It also helped them to establish creative thinking, ability to express effectively, communicate clearly and fortify their team spirit. The students enjoyed several games and were left refreshed and energized after the end of the session.

Subsequently another activity was conducted wherein participants come in middle of the circle speaking of rhyming word of their name with a sound and others have to repeat the same. Participants learnt that about self branding & confidence building attribute.

Participants were even given the various formations to make them enhance their creative thinking through different game which includes walking speed & stand at certain number.

Subsequently all the participants were told to sit in a circle where they played a game of Communication wherein they had to pass a message to one to another and maintain the accuracy. The game was played twice but the message changed each time. It was explained that participants to develop listening skills & strengthen communication skills.

At last participants were involved in another activity where in each participant have to say a sentence and another added a sentence to it and start forming a story. This activity was also repeated twice and participants had lots of fun in doing this activity.

The energetic session concluded with summarized all the learning of Break the Inhibitions, part of communication skill like conviction, listening, body gestures, expressions, imagination, eye contact, team building, concentration, increasing listening abilities and leading towards creative and approach. The participants were motivated by his convincing speech. He happily answered the curious students and enlightened them with his prolific knowledge and experience.


Post Lunch session was conducted by Dr. Darshna Thakkar, Social Entrepreneur. she started her session by introducing herself and interacted with students. She explained about social values & social activity. She discussed with students how to become social entrepreneur and opportunities and challenges.

Day 2, 28th October, 2016


2nd day of the camp started by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, Director IIEDC & Entrepreneurship Expert.
Mr. Pathak explained the meaning of vision as imaging and visualizing. He also focused on commitment to achieve the vision. He instructed the participants to form a company using Brand logo, Visiting card, sample of the product, making strategy for selling the product & marketing. Participants had done presentation for the same.


Mr. Pathak summarized with learning of the session like improve qualities like Self confidence, Creativity, Innovation, Marketing Skill, role and function of entrepreneur skill, Team work etc.

In the post lunch session, all the participants were introduced to Mr. Amit Trivedi .He started the session with the game of cubical to increase confidence level by identifying skills and using that skill in routine life.

The energetic session concluded by Mr. Amit Trivedi summarizing about how to build confidence level, decrease stage fear, positive thinking, concentration power, mind power and goal mapping.

Day 3, 29th October, 2016

On third day of camp, Session started with the introduction of .Ms. Hetal Desai, Yoga & Meditation instructor. She explained the importance of yoga.


Ms. Desai insisted the participants to practice yoga everyday for 20 minutes which would help them to tackle anger and stay healthy. Ms. Desai explained the students that meditation increases concentration power. She motivated students to be happy while adjusting and helping others. Ms. Desai during this session also told the participants visualize their goals what they want to achieve in coming years.

All the participants enjoyed the session and were happy to know about the yoga and their benefits.


Mr. Rohit Patel, Expert in Communication, Innovation & Creativity took 2nd session on communication skills and career guidance. He explained three types of personality and asked participants to imagine three people whom they can fit in discussed types of personality. He asked the participants to be fearless in life and search the means to overcome their fear.

Participants learned essential qualities of personality and importance of good dressing, cleanliness and gestures.

He continued his session on the topic of creativity and explained the meaning of being creative. Mr. Patel quoted a sentence – ‘Creativity is father and knowledge is midwife of invention

The day was concluded by the certificate distribution ceremony and trophy by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak. The students and parents shared their views about the camp, they acknowledged what their kids had learnt from the course of three days. The parents and students appreciated Oakbrook Business School for conducting such camps.