A three day EAC camp was held at Oakbrook Business School from Dec 15th’2014. This three day event had an ardent presence of budding talent from various institutes of Ahmedabad as well as Gujarat. The event had the presence of notable dignitaries from entrepreneurial sector and its facilitators. The profound speakers for the event were Dr. C. Gopalkrishnan(Former Director of Institute of Management, Nirma University.), Shri Chandramauli Pathak (Senior Executive at International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development, Ahmedabad), Shri Padmin Buch(member of Governing Council of Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) and MSME Committee of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry), Shri Ajay Dixit (Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and CSR, EDI), Shri Dharmesh Doshi (Secretary General at Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry), Shri R.J Shah and Shri Palak Sheth (Director, Oakbrook International Education and Research Pvt. Ltd)


Day 1

The first speaker on the first day of EAC was Dr. C. Gopalakrishnan. He started his speech on an ambitious note saying that one doesn’t require money to start up a business. He then came up with basic values of entrepreneurship. He stated that it doesn’t matter “who you are” but “Who you want to be” matters a lot, he also gave examples of various entrepreneurs and encouraged the students. He ended his session by asking the budding entrepreneurs to be innovative. Along with innovative approach one needs to imbibe team work, leadership skills and people oriented outlook in order to fortify their business.

The next session was taken by Shri Chandramauli Pathak. He started of his speech by giving extension thoughts to what Dr. Gopalkrishnan had said. He said that experimentation is a very crucial part of becoming an entrepreneur. He stated that one needs to be a risk taker and dare to explore the unexplorable. He also explained about the financial aspects of the business such as from where to take loan, interest rates and other financial aspects.


The third speaker of the day was Shri Padmin Buch, he Possesses 30 years of experience in Industry and Project & Management Consultancy. He was Managing Director of Gujarat Industrial & Technical Consultancy Organisation(GITCO) Ltd. Has worked with the Central & State Government, Financial Institutions and Industry. He threw more light towards the attributes of a good entrepreneur. He said that an entrepreneur needs to weigh his capability and goal. He ended his speech by saying motivation is a very important factor in order to be a good entrepreneur since it lends the person with will and hope in order to succeed.

Day 2

The second day of the event started with a session by Shri Ajay Dixit. He showed a motivational video to the participants and then interacted with them. He asked the participants to be daring enough to take the initiative for bringing a change. He advised the students to look for information about famous companies i.e, how was it ideated, conceived and grew to be major businesses gradually. He then stated ten rules for success which are:

  • Get and stay out of your comfort zone.
  • Never give up.
  • When you are ready to quit, you are closer than you think.
  • You need to be moving forward.
  • Be quick, to decide
  • Measure everything of significance= Anything that is measured and watched, improves.
  • Anything that is not managed will deteriorate.
  • Never expect life to be fair.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • There is always a reason to smile.

In the next session a general enterprising test was taken wherein the candidates were given a set of questionnaire to answer and accordingly they needed to work on their strengths and weaknesses. The participants were then taken on an industrial visit to Mandali Packaging Pvt. Ltd. for the live industrial experience.

Day 3

The third of the EAC event started with a session by Shri Chandramauli Pathak wherein he asked the participants to make a presentation on Mandali Packaging Pvt. Ltd. The students were asked to share their experiences of the visit.

The next session was taken by Shri R. J Shah, he threw light on various aspects of industries and its corresponding attributes. He gave a list of important industries of Gujarat and India. He then acquainted the participants with the MSME Act 2006 and various laws and aides provided by the Government. He also gave insights about the schemes in SMEs and assistance provided by the Government. He readily answered the various queries about the MSMEs and SMEs current standing and future prospects.

The next session was taken by Shri Dharmesh Joshi. He acknowledged the participants about the minute steps involved in developing an enterprise. He also gave specific Dos and Don’ts which not only lent a clear vision about Entrepreneurship but also provided them with ample amount of inspiration. He ended his speech by asking the students to dream big but take one step at time and be ethical in whatever you do.

The event concluded by a feedback session and vote of thanks to the dignified speakers and certificate distribution ceremony.