Being an educator is not just about sharing knowledge; it is about making sure that learners truly integrate this knowledge and derive learning out of it. Any teaching that does not result in effective learning is meaningless. To be an effective teacher, one needs to be able to deliver the domain knowledge using the most suitable pedagogical tools in innovative ways.

Keeping this aspect in mind Oakbrook Business School organized its 5th Faculty Development Program on 28th Feb’2015 that focused on imbibing learning based teaching. The aim of this program was to provide resources and skills which will help faculty to nurture and develop expert professionals using latest teaching techniques and tools by improving their teaching methodology. OBS congregated experts and renowned personalities from the education sector to throw some light on learning based teaching. The prolific speakers for the event were Prof. Mitesh Dadhania (Deputy Director, Gujarat Technological University); Prof. NR Dave (Former Chairman, Western Regional Committee, AICTE and Vice Chancellor at North Gujarat University); Mr. Chandramauli Pathak (Senior Executive, ICECD, Entrepreneurial expert); Prof. P.Balabhaskaran (Former Director, ICFAI); and Dr. Rajul Gajjar (Principal of Vishwakarma Govt. Engineering College.). The program was attended by a large number of Faculties from various Science and Engineering Institutes.

Speaker 1 : Prof. NR Dave : “Effective teaching in higher education”
Prof. N. R. Dave is the Educational Advisor to Ganpat University and Gujarat Energy Research & Management Institute. He has held positions as the Chairman of the Western Regional Committee, All India Council for Technical Education (National Statutory Body) and Vice Chancellor at North Gujarat University, Patan and Vice Chancellor at Bhavnagar and Director of Technical Education, Government of Gujarat. He is a member of Board of Governors of Oakbrook Business School. He reminisced his journey in the education sector and described how things have changed in the due course of time. He said has been in the education sector when computers were not even in use and now not even a speck of work is done without them. Prof. Dave stated that a teaching that is not understood and consumed by the students is not teaching at all, it is extremely important for teachers to put an effort in their teaching methodology so that knowledge dissemination is thorough and worthwhile.

Speaker 2: Prof. Mitesh Dadhania
Prof. Dadhania is a Management Graduate along with about 13 years corporate experience in sales & marketing, financial management and company level negotiations as well as 3 years educational experience in Management Institutes. Mr. Mitesh Dadhania is the Deputy Director, Gujarat Technological University and has prolific experience of teaching in institutes like Sri Aurobindo Institute of Management, Rajkot, Shri Sunshine Group of Institutions, Rajkot and many more. Prof. Dadhania has ample experience in the corporate sector too and therefore he understands the gap between education and corporate sector. He started his speech by acknowledging the participants and guest speakers with a warm welcome. He stressed on experiential learning and expressed that he foresees to apply innovative methodology in higher education in order to bring about effective learning. He talked about his experience as a teacher and also about his experience as the Deputy Director of GTU. He advised and encouraged the participating faculty to take active interest in teaching concepts in an innovative way so the students can understand thoroughly.

Speaker 3: Dr. Rajul Gajjar “Learning oriented teaching”
Dr. Dr. Rajul Gajjar is the Principal of Vishwakarma Govt. Engineering College. She has more than 30 years of academic experience. She has also been the Dean of GTU, Civil Engg. Dept. Dr. Gajjar has a number of papers and publications to her credit and has also attended a number conferences & workshops based on engineering, infrastructure and related fields. Dr. Gajjar has played an active role in various Govt. Infrastructure projects and guided students for their thesis and research. She started her session by describing about the new methods of teaching in the field of education today. She said that technology has definitely changed the way of teaching these days but still it doesn’t guarantee all-round success. She described the concept of “Death by Presentation” i.e. students will be bored by number of presentations and they cannot consume the knowledge disseminated through a PowerPoint presentation. She stressed that teaching method can be any but the amount of knowledge gained by a student is utmost important. She held a very interactive session where she asked questions to a number of participants and held a group discussion which was very entertaining as well as enlightening.

Speaker 4: Mr. Chandramauli Pathak: “Learning style and orientation of students in 21st Century”.
Dr. Pathak is currently the Senior Executive at International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD), Ahmedabad. He has over 30 years of experience in the field of teaching and training in Entrepreneurship at school, graduate and post graduate level. He is a well known Entrepreneurship Expert with diverse experience in curriculum development, teaching and developing entrepreneurship courses. Mr. Pathak’s session was a lively session where the participants were indulged into interactive games where the participants not only got to know each other but learnt to express themselves creatively. He asked the participants to open up their minds and dive into the sea of creativity, he stressed that teaching is a creative art too and it needs to be fostered with innovative ideas time and again in order to keep it interesting.

Speaker 5: Dr. P. Balabhaskaran: “Role of a teacher in professional colleges in the 21st Century”
Prof. Balabhaskaran gave a very enlightening session where he described about the role a teacher plays in a students’ life and the difference between “teaching as a job” and “teaching for knowledge dissemination”. He also talked about the pressures on a student in today’s competitive world, these pressures act as a barrier against knowledge grasping and makes the learning difficult and tedious job. Prof. Balabhaskaran stated that challenge lies in developing latent talent and creative abilities of teachers in order to make whole process of education more interesting and enjoyable. He ended his session with a quote by Ignacio Estrada “If a student can’t learn the way we teach, may be we should teach the way they learn.”

At the end of the programme, participants were able to:

  • Apply best teaching practices using modern teaching technologies
  • Be well updated about the strong student orientation
  • Acquire novel skills for career enhancement
  • Adapt and innovate teaching methodologies to provide effective learning