Oakbrook Business School organized Marketing Conclave on Advertising & Marketing Communication- the Paradigm Shift on Saturday, 12 September 2015.Students of SEM I and III along with faculties of other premier colleges of Ahmedabad were the participants of the marketing conclave.

Marketing Conclave started with the welcome address given by Ms. Shraddha Sheth, Academic Head of Oakbrook Business School. Ms. Sheth welcomed the esteemed speakers and audience of the conclave and told that this marketing conclave will have discussion on the huge transformation in advertising and marketing – the paradigm shift. Ms. Sheth briefed about the background of students & the philosophy of Oakbrook in grooming the students. Ms. Sheth discussed the tools of marketing which has changed over a period of time & social media, e-commerce have taken the new heights of communication. Ms. Sheth welcomed the guest & thanked Dr. Gopalkrishnan for bringing such galaxy of speakers in campus.

Mr. Sanjay Chakraborty, Marketing Communication Advisor was the Guest of Honor of the event. Mr.Chakraborty is marketing professional having two decade of extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, Communication and Advertising. Mr. Chakraborty started his presentation by giving example of mineral bottle wherein audience were ready to buy mineral water only with a reputed brand name label. Mr. Chakraborty emphasized on the fact that we, human being don?t only buy name or symbol but along with it we also buy peace of mind and trust. Mr. Chakraborty said that product with both physical and psychological attribute are bought in general. Mr. Chakraborty quoted that successful brands are timeless and explained the concept of brand, process of communication, tools of communication, difference of then and now. Mr. Chakraborty told that number of advertisements is not counted; impression on our mind is just what is remembered. The marketing and advertising field has turned to retainership from fee and understanding new Indian consumer is required as demographics is no more one of the discriminators. Mr. Chakroborty concluded his presentation by saying that advertising is based on happiness and all should practice it. Mr. Chakroborty enlightened us with the concepts of marketing and advertising which was thoroughly enjoyed by all sitting in the hall.

Mr, Arun Awasthi, Entrepreneur, Bonoboz Marketing Service Pvt. Ltd. was the keynote speaker of the marketing conclave. Mr. Awasthi started presentation by showing the statistics of India and the growing number of internet user. Mr. Awasthialso showed the concept difference of then and now. In the end Mr. Awasthi ended his presentation after showing implications of different medias of marketing. Mr. Awasthi focused his discussion on the internet and increasing reach of social media and digital marketing.

Prof. Alan D? Souza, Dean Shanti Communication School and Shanti Business School was the Chief Guest of the Marketing Conclave. Prof. D? Souza was one of founding member of MICA and have experience of around 40 years in the marketing communication, branding, advertising, media & education. Prof. D? Souza started with the topic paradigm shift by describing events of 2011, 2012 and 2013-14. Prof. D? Souza then spoke about the drivers of media change- media on go, Savvy & new age consumers, digital content, regional markets. Prof. D? Souza also shared his views on key trends of media. Prof. D? Souza said that power of idea is much more powerful, instead of investing in shooting and increasing advertisement creation budget. Prof. D? Souza emphasized to keep overall IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) Strategies. Prof. D? Souza concluded with 3 points- marketing communication is becoming central to branding, practitioners need to adapt quickly to changing times, greater accountability for content & marketing communication. Prof. D? Souza presentation gave valuable marketing insights to audience.

Mr. Anand Desai, Deputy General Manager L&T, was another key note speaker of the event. Mr. Desai said that infrastructure industry has a great scope of marketing and advertising. Mr. Desai said that infrastructure industry spend little in the marketing and advertising. Infrastructure industry does advertising indirectly like sponsoring event. Mr. Desai also explained the components of marketing plan. Mr. Desai gave new focus area for marketing & advertising to young upcoming marketers.

Mr. Palak Sheth, Board of Governance of Oakbrook Business School, also came forward to share his views on marketing and advertising. Mr. Sheth asked the dignitaries that how a market strategy has to build up for a good institution. Mr. Sheth emphasized that each marketer need to build some advertising principles as demographic is not a restriction nowadays. Moreover, marketers tend to be dynamic with the changing environment.

Vote of thanks for the first session was given by Mr. Jignesh Darji, marketing faculty of the institute. Mr. Darji thanked Dr. Gopalkrishnan, Mr. Saleel Bhatt & Mr. Chandramauli Sharma for referring the speakers of the day. Mr. Darji also thanked Oakbrook team and students for making event successful. Post Lunch was the poster making competition, wherein 20 groups each with four students? participants participated actively. Poster advertising is a mass medium capable of making a rapid impact and so poster making competition at marketing conclave was icing on the cake.The entire group were given broad topics of various sector like fitness industry, insurance industry, tourism industry, joint defence services, promoting yoga, online retail business, medical tourism, political campaign, education sector, food industry, promoting India, etc. each team had 45 minutes of time for completing their posters. Time was up and the teams submitted their creative posters.

Mr. Chandramauli Pathak welcomed Ms. Megha Bhatt one of the judge for the competition.

Ms. Megha Bhatt has done Ph.D from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and currently is working as teaching assistant in applied botany centre for climate change and impacts management. Ms. Bhatt has authored and co-authored many research papers. Ms. Bhatt has collection of herbaria greater than 200 wild plants in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu and also more than 75 economically important plants. Ms. Bhatt has knowledge of Landscape Designing, Bonsai making and horticulture. Ms. Bhatt have been awarded silver medal from “Friends of Trees” society for having herbariums of rare plants. Ms. Shraddha Sheth welcomed Mr. Navin Dhagat another judge for the competition.

Mr. Navin Dhagat is Diploma in Painting D.T.C., Art Master. Mr. Dhagat has completed his training in Fresco and Mural techniques, Banasthali, Rajasthan. Mr. Dhagat also has to his credit many awards from Mysore Dashera Exhibition in 1970, Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy in 1972, 1975, 1989, 1992 & 1996, Drawing Chandigarh in 1984 and All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, New Delhi in2009 and2010. Mr. Dhagat has done his fellowship programme in Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy for the year 1999-2000. Mr. Dhagat is also the founder member of the Vibgyor Group, Ahmedabad and presently is active with “Astitva Art Foundation? with motivation to nurture expression in society & working on his new series of paintings

Now it was the time for judgement. Each team was given 3 minutes time for presenting their posters in front of the judges and the fellow participants. While presenting their posters students explained their company logo, tagline, service or product they are offering. Thought process of students on various topics reflected through this exercise. After the presentations judges gave a thorough look at all the posters again. It was a tough time for judges to give a judgement!!

Before giving the judgement, Judges shared their experience with the audience.

Ms. Bhatt addressed the participants and advised them to be the best in this competitive world. Ms. Bhatt told that it is necessary to be a good individual, only obtaining a degree won?t work. Ms. Bhatt then congratulated all students for having such a good time. In end she concluded with a simple advice of always keeping the protocol of anything to be done in mind and work accordingly. Ms. Bhatt was amazed seeing the creative minds of the students.

Mr. Dhagat gave a feedback that passing a judgement was an exam for him. According to Mr. Dhagat each and every poster was good but they had no option then to give prize to 3 best posters. He concluded by advising the students that involvement in art is necessary and students should do with heart whatever they do.

Mr. Chandramauli Pathak also shared his feedback that it was a great group activity conducted by Oakbrook Business School as a part of Marketing Conclave.

Finally most awaited results were announced by Mr. Jignesh Darji marketing faculty & coordinator of the Marketing Conclave. Deal in Pocket Poster of E-commerce industry, DivyaSun Power Poster for Solar Energy, Tourism Industry Poster were the winners.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth, the Academic Head of Oakbrook Business School gave a vote of thanks.

The marketing conclave arrangements justified the quote by Kevin Michel – “Small Shifts in your thinking and small changes in your energy can lead to massive alterations of your end result.”