On 10th October, 2015, Oakbrook Business School celebrated its 2nd Annual Day- OAK Fiesta 2015.


The celebration started with the lightening of lamp by the present eminent guest and board of members of Oakbrook Business School. The first performance was group dance on song enchanting prayer of Lord Ganesha where in the group beautifully portrait different God and Goddesses. High spirits of devotion was depicted from the performance. To put icing on cake next performance of classical dance was given by Anika, student of Oakbrook Business School.

There were number of stage performances and competitions stack one after another for the audience.

There were Mime performances on themes of- effects & side effects of mobile phone, college life, we Indians, India’s best salon. All the students were perfectly dressed for the mime along with required makeup and accessories. Each mime showcased the reality situations of day to day life.

The dance performances were all enough to stunned the audience regarding Oakbrook Business School students’ talent. Dance performances were done in solo, duet and even in groups. The expressions, choreography, attire, and confidence were balanced properly by each participant.


There was instrumental performance given by the two young guitarist of Oakbrook Business School. They took the audience on the ride of melody and music.

Drama, specific mode of narrative was also the part of performances of OAK Fiesta; Student performed three dramas namely- Talash, Comedy Xpress and Mobile Mania. The Dramas were beautifully directed and the music and timeline were set excellently to grab audience attention. The comedy xpress showcased the live scenario of the train which can be seen in the local trains. It successfully created lighter mood for the audience.

All the Performances were stacked very well one after another so that audience feel it more and more interesting. Followed by all the performances, singing competition took place. Quite a good number of participants participated in the singing competition. There were solo and duet performances. There were 7 solo performances and 3 duet performances.

All the comparers of the event also did a marvellous job of injecting humour, drama and genuine emotion into each and every act. The camaraderie between them was visible for all to see.

The presence of intellectuals- Mr. D J Pandian, IAS, Mrs. Pandian, Dr. Nigam Dave, Director School of Liberal Studies, PDPU, Mrs. Dave, Mrs. Mitra Patel, Mr. Shailesh Trivedi, Director CEPT Research & Development Foundation, Mr. Pratik Mehra and Ms. Saumya from KPM, Mr. Nisarg Shah and other members from Board of Governors of Oakbrook Business School made proceedings lively and enjoyable.

Mr. D J Pandian, Dr. Nigam Dave and Dr. C Gopalkrishnan wished the students all the best for their career. Mr. Palak Sheth, Board of Governors, Oakbrook Business School also took the opportunity to wish the students and thanked all guests for being part of the occasion.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth, Academic Head of the Oakbrook Business School took opportunity to introduce the initiative of Scholar Desk Programme. Under this programme students who are selected will be provided with additional facilities at the institution with an objective to foster their academic excellence, pursuit of research and ability of innovation and leadership. Facilities like computer desk, shared printer facility, internet facilities, white board and soft board were provided will be shared in group of scholar students. These students are expected to carve out individual projects, group projects, incubation projects, business plan and similar academic, research and professional programmes. Based on the eligibility criteria 13 students were selected for the first Scholar Desk Programme batch. All the scholars were called one after another on the stage and given a batch and letter by Mr and Mrs. Pandian.


Post lunch were the rangoli making competition, face painting competition and Sargam (Antakshari) which truly highlighted the competitive spirits of the students of Oakbrook Business School. Overall huge participation was noticed from the students of both class SEM I and SEM III. The whole event organized by the students along with their faculty gave the idea of managerial skills of the students and inculcated practical guidance of conducting any event.

To round off the day’s proceedings – Awards were given to the winners of various competitions. Vote of Thanks was given by Ms. Shraddha Sheth, Academic Head Oakbrook Business School.

The cultural events presented by the students of the Oakbrook Business School on this occasion have enthralled the audience with rapt attention.