1Oakbrook Business School organized a one-day conclave on “Emerging Patterns and Innovations in Marketing” on 21st November, 2014. The concepts and practices of marketing have undergone a sea change especially with the growth of marketing tools in the current decade. Marketing is no longer confined to marketing departments, or within the boundaries of the organizations. Consumers are increasingly becoming more and more engaged and involved in shaping and defining the experience they would like to indulge in. The increasing role of consumers is also restructuring the distribution of power and influence of the organization on consumers, distribution channel members, shareholders, investors and society. The conclave aimed at bringing together thought leaders, practitioners and students from marketing to facilitate such a dialogue that would contribute to the process of emerging trends to extend the boundaries of the marketing theories.

The conclave had eminent speakers from the marketing field. The conclave was divided into two halves, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning theme was “The evolution of product development and innovation in emerging markets.” The speakers were

  1. Dr C Gopalkrishnan, Former Director, Nirma Institute of Management
  2. Dr Falguni Vasavada Oza, Associate Professor, MICA
  3. Mr Ajit Pillai, Director, Convent Consultancy
  4. Mr Talha Sareshwala, MD and CEO, Parsoli Motors
  5. Mr Dushyant Joshi, Managing Director, Azure Knowledge Corporation Private Limited

The speakers started with explaining the concept of marketing and the four Ps of marketing. The changing paradigms of marketing were also discussed with the students. All the speakers shared their knowledge and experience regarding marketing with the students.

The theme of the afternoon session was “Ideas behind designing and innovating products that understand core voice of customers.” The speakers for this session were

  1. Mr Rajesh Tahiliani, Marketing Head, Getit Info Services Private Limited
  2. Mr Saigen Varghese, Assistant General Manager, Sales India
  3. Mr Amit Saxena, Assistant General Manager, ITM Skills Academy
  4. Ms Ishani Shah, Managing Director, Neepa Hiren Jewels
  5. Ms Margi Chappan, Project Manager, Rakesh Textile Agency

The speakers in the second session covered a wide range of topics including how to generate ideas, how to tap rural markets, consumer segmentation and difference between innovation and creativity. The students interacted with the speakers and solved their queries. Their questions ranged from marketing concepts to how to face a job interview.

The conclave was very interesting for the students. It allowed them to interact with industry leaders and get a feel of the professional world. The speakers on the other hand were very understanding and patient and took a lot of effort in explaining the details to the students.