Attrition has been an age old issue which HR departments of most organizations face. The reasons have been listed innumerable times. Each year organizations make attempts to control the imbalance between entrants and exits. While some sectors are stable, others face the issue round the year. Oakbrook Business School organized its third HR conclave to understand the challenges that organizations face while managing attrition and the strategies that help them tackle the problem.

The key speakers in the conclave were:
1. Rinku Guzraty – Corrtech International
2. Sanjay Sahni – Motif India Infotech Private Limited
3. Roshan Rawal- Indus
4. Sugandha Sapra- Landmark Group


Ms Rinku Guzraty from Corrtech International shared her organization’s retention strategy which is to do a comprehensive analysis of each employee to identify weaknesses and strengths and then place the candidate. They also have a system of doing satisfaction survey and induction training in place. While deciding the opportunities for career advancement they first find out the potential of the staff and then do the career mapping. They celebrate birthdays, go for movies and organize team building games. The advantages of working with Corrtech is that they have a climate of open communication, high level of trust, good work life balance and emphasis on team work. The second speaker was from Motif. Mr Sahni shared his organization’s policy to retain people. He said that employees are increasingly getting more demanding. They are very particular about recruitment and 60 per cent of their recruitment is done from outside Gujarat. He said that high attrition rate is always costly and they have a grievances committee in place. But inspite of all their efforts, if an employee leaves the organization, then a member of the HR team talks to the employee. They also a lot of fun activities to reduce the stress level of their employees.

The third speaker was from Indusa. He shared with the students the major reasons why people leave their jobs. To meet this challenge, Indusa offers competitive salaries with favourable work environment. They have a great work culture and employee friendly HR policies. They invest in people and do a lot benchmarking and team building activities.

The last speaker was Ms Sugandha Sapra from Landmark Group. She shared her experiences in all the organizations that she has worked with which includes Infosys and Taj Hotels. At Taj, the organization gives grand welcome to the new employees by giving greeting cards, free stays and food vouchers. She has even seen organizations give paternity leaves for male candidates. She has also seen Senior President – HR go to visit the employees house if s/he is not well.

The conclave was very enriching for students. They asked many questions and learnt a lot in the process.