image1Oakbrook Business School’s first day of the induction week was all fun and frolic. The students had gathered at the campus in the early morning for the first day. The campus was beautifully decorated in order to welcome the students. The induction programme had the presence of profound personalities namely Mr. Samir Patel(Chairman & Managing Director Amos Enterprise Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad), Mr. D. Alok (Head, Business Development, Suzlon Energy Ltd., Pune), Mr. Sushil Thaker (Advisor, KPMG), Mr. Palak Sheth (Director, OIER), Prof. Ravi Chandran (IIMA). The event started with a lamp-lighting ceremony by the esteemed guests. Oakbrook Business School’s Dean, Ms. Nivedita Srivastava addressed the speakers. The speakers asked the students to be ready for hardwork. They said that these are the crucial years of their life and therefore, they must immerse themselves in learning the gimmicks of today’s corporate culture and be ready for the tough world. The speakers advised the students to be innovative and eager to learn new things everyday. The students were ecstatic the first day of their college, they were intrigued by the influential speech of the profound speakers. Each of the speakers were enthusiastic and answered several questions by the students. The first day of the sessions ended with a number of questions by the curious students.

image4 The first speaker of the event was Mr. Samir Patel; he said that the students now should be ready to do a lot of hard-work in order to yield a successful career. He further added that the more they toil during the formative years of their career; this will build up their strength and keep them one stop above than their counterparts.
The next speaker of the event was Mr. N.R. Dixit, he applauded Oakbrook business School for its innovative ideas and trying to bring forth quality management education. He said that OBS has adopted experiential learning which enables thorough knowledge about a topic since a student learns from his own experiences.
The next session was taken by Mr. Palak Sheth, he started his speech by laying down certain benchmark rules for the institution. He advised the students to be serious about the coming years and dedicate themselves for studies. He said that an MBA is a foundation stone for a student’s career, it will build the legacy of your career as well as life.

The next session of the program was taken by Mr. D. Alok from Suzlon. He started his speech by talking about innovations and saying that OBS is a very innovative institute. He stated that MBA is a very crucial stage of a student’s career since it shapes his/her entire career. He added that the students must decide their goals from here on and work towards it. He advised the students to be systematic and organised in throughout their careers. The session was concluded by a short speech from Ms. Shraddha Sheth who encouraged the students to be expressive and shed their inhibitions. She advised the students to put their best foot forward during the two years of MBA and thereby churn their own path towards success.

image5Oakbrook Business School’s Induction program Day 2: The second day of the induction program was all the more interesting. The students were cheerful and looking forward to the sessions on day 2. The honorable guest speakers for the day were Mr. Vinod Meghrajani (CEO, Corrtech International), Mr. Manoj sharma (HR Head, Adani Power Ltd.), Mr. Abhishek Shah (KPMG), Chirag Jain (TCS, Gandhinagar), Mr. K Thyagrajan (Founding Member, iCreate), Dr. C Chatterjee (Director, The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development), Mr. Chandramauli Pathak (Advisor, AMA), each of the speakers enlighted the students with their experiences and pearls of wisdom. The students were extremely inspired by the speeches. They interacted with the profound personalities on DAY 2 Oakbrook Obs. The speakers asked the students to stay informed about the updates in the world, they asked the students to learn the about the latest technology and therefore adopt lateral thinking. The students learnt that management is not a theory based subject, it involves a lot of practical knowledge and experiential learning. The first speaker for the day 2 was Mr. Abhishek Shah from KPMG. He started his speech by stating that MBA is not about great marks & grades, its more important to grasp knowledge and instigate passion for something you wish to make your career in. He added that in today’s fast world, one needs to focus on developing the current skills and gaining the new ones. The next speech was given by Mr. Chirag Jain

image7Oakbrook Business School’s Induction Programme’s Day 3 commenced with the Industrial visit at IFFCO (Kalol) and Sintex Pvt. Ltd. (Kalol). The students were excited and took keen interest in knowing more about the functions of the plants. They interacted with the Plant’s Coordinator and satiated their “Curiosity Bugs” by asking several questions. The next session was taken by Dr. Sarla Achutan, she conducted a number of interactive games with the students which helped them to break ice among themselves. The games also involved deep thinking and exercised their minds in order to open them and come out with several thoughts.

image9Oakbrook Obs’s Day 4 of the Induction program was thrilling! The session started with a movie showcase “Pursuit of Happiness” and an engaging discussion about the movie after that. The next session was taken by Mr. Guruprakash Iyer who conducted a creative exercise for the students. The next session was a thrilling “Treasure Hunt” competition which wasn’t just fun and frolic, but also taught the students about coordination, team-work, leadership, honesty and smartness!

image11Oakbrook Obs’s Day 5 of the Induction Program started with yet another industrial visit at Arvind Ltd. The students were taken to the manufacturing unit and were shown various machines and processes involved in the production of various textiles materials. The students were left bewildered looking at the gigantic machines and the volume of production per day. the students were shown the various processes such as cotton spinning, yarn making, dyeing, weaving etc. The students also asked a number of questions to the guide about the organisation, its strength, history and many other technical questions. After heading back to the campus after the visit, the next session was taken by Dr. Sunil Shukla from EDI, Gandhinagar. He asked the students to understand the value of management education and define their way thereafter. He explained the students about the difference between Managers and Leaders and said that these two roles are entwined, i.e. a good manager has to be a good leader and vice-versa! He gave a number of examples of managers who became successful leaders and advised the students to develop their leadership skills. He ended his speech by telling the students that it is very important to get quality management education, this will not only make them able to develop vision and act on it but also give you ideas to realize your vision!

image13The 6th day of the Induction program started with a session by Mr. Mohnish Sharma and Mr. Jinendra Khara from Austrade commission. They gave a presentation about the doing business in Australia and its whereabouts. The next session was taken by Mr. Jubin Broacha who talked to students about the business prospects in Canada. The nest session was conducted by Mr. Chandramauli Sharma, from GSPC. He inspired the students to work hard and be focused in the coming years in order to achieve success. The last session for the day was taken by Ms. Rajvi Nagori from Oakbrook International Education & Research Pvt. Ltd. She gave a presentation about the Mining sector. She gave details about the future of Mining in India and Gujarat. She advised the students to be updated and be ready to work hard in whatever field they choose. The induction program ended with the students asking intriguing questions to the honourable speakers.