You are becoming an Engineer…NOW WHAT?

  • Viplav Shah (Director, HCP)
  • Nimit Karia(Director, Development 2020)
  • R.J. Shah (CEO, Dahej SEZ)
  • Rupesh Vasani (Director, SAL Institute of Technology)
  • Shaishav Singh (Director, Dotcad)
  • Ekta Mehul( Head, e-infochips)
  • Samir Patel (Chairman & MD, Amos Enterprise)

The Final year engineering student are often perplexed with the number of study options and employment opportunities to be explored after their degree. Oakbrook Business School tried to nudge the baggage of confusion by getting opinions from industry experts of the field and clear that cloggy cloud of confusion!

DSC_5045 (1280x850)Keeping in mind the current scenario of engineering education, Oakbrook Business School had organized a series of seminars on March 26, 27, 28 for final year engineering students of various engineering streams. The topic of the seminar was ‘Industry growth and employability of Engineers’, which is apt pertaining to the confusion of engineering students as to what will be the opportunities after completing their degree. The seminar had eminent personalities from the streams of Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Electronics and Communications, Computer and Civil Engineering. More than 300 hundred students participated in the seminars and insightful academicians and industry speakers were invited as speakers to enlighten the students and give them a broader vision of career options.

The seminar had celebrated personalities from the industry as speakers such as Viplav Shah (Director, HCP), Nimit Karia(Director, Development2020), R.J. Shah (CEO, Dahej SEZ), Rupesh Vasani (Director, SAL Institute of Technology), Shaishav Singh (Director, Dotcad), Ekta Mehul( Head, e-infochips), Samir Patel (Chairman & MD, Amos Enterprise).

DSC_5013 The seminar also had prominent academicians from coveted institutes of Gujarat such as Prof. C.G. Bhagchandani (Prof. Chemical Engineering, LD Engineering College), Dr. Rupesh Vasani (Director, SAL Institute of Technology), Hiteishi Diwanji (L.D. Engineering College), Dr. Atul Bhargav (IIT Gandhinagar), Dr. K. M. Srivastava (Prof., Mechanical Engineering, Indus University), Dr. D.V. Bhatt (were present to spill their pearls of wisdom on various opportunities after completing an engineering degree. They encouraged and gave great insights to the budding engineers. Oakbrook Business School is an upcoming business school that aims to establish and nurture quality management education. The young-n-preppy business school has conducted several workshops in the city in order to set the benchmark of quality learning.

Oakbrook Business School wishes to lend a helping hand and provide a platform to the engineering students and industry experts to discuss and identify the demands of the industry and focus on their future ambitions. This seminar is sure to expand the horizons of the future engineers towards a brighter and sparkling career ahead. For more information about Oakbrook Business School call 982438806