Orientation Programme at Oakbrook Business School


Oakbrook Business School organized the orientation programme for their 2nd batch 2015-2017. All the students were excited and enthusiastic about taking a step ahead in their career towards excellence. Students were also eager about knowing more about the college and faculties which will show them path towards Excellence.

Day 1 – 3rd August 2015:

Registration was done between 9:30 to 10:00 where students were offered flower and sweets after registering. Students entered the seminar hall where John Paul Sir, Faculty for Communication took a small session before the Chief Guest Arrived. Sir asked the students view on difference between investment and spending, he also asked them to write about what they expect from Oakbrook Business School & where they want to see themselves after 2 years.


Chief Guest arrived at 10:30 and the lamp lightening was done by dignitaries Dr. Sunil Shukla, Ms. Ruzaan Khambhata, Dr. C. Gopalkrishnan, Mr. Palak Sheth and Ms. Shraddha Sheth. Ms. Shraddha Sheth, Academic Head of OBS gave the welcome speech. In her speech she told the students that it is a special moment for them & congratulated them to choose best management institution. She also called out the name of rankers from GTU and confirmed that OBS will provide them opportunities to cherish their dreams.

Key note Speaker Dr. Sunil Shukla, Director EDI before addressing the students complimented the other dignitaries for their work and then informed the students that taking degree just won’t work, students will have to use repository of resources available. Lastly he just ended with a line “If you see opportunities they multiply, if you ignore they die”

Guest of Honor Mr. Dharmendra Joshi was not able to make it but gave all his compliments to OBS and its students for taking right decision.


Chief Guest Ms. Ruzaan Khambhata, while addressing the students explained few quotes that can help to take proper decision. The Quotes were “Life is stricter than a teacher”, “Simple living High Thinking”. She even shared her views on lateral thinking and ended by sharing Secret of Success is right decision which comes from experience and experience comes from wrong decisions.

Dr, C. Gopalkrishnan started his speech by asking a question that why the students have opt for MBA? In his speech he led emphasis on that getting job is not difficult but getting right skill for the job is difficult. He told that knowledge is important if one have knowledge he will have power and money both. He also asked students to work hard & grow institution name which will be in end beneficiary to students only as for next 50-60 years they will use OBS name.

Mr. Palak Sheth then addressed the students by explaining them 80-20 theory of MBA. He told them that making decision is difficult and students should learn to know next best alternative.

Vote of Thanks was given by Ms. Radha Gandhi.

12:30 a small tea break was given after which the ice breaking session of Mr. Chandramauli Pathak started.


Pathak Sir started his session explaining the students the importance of knowing oneself, he then explained students hoe to introduce themselves and asked the students to think about the competency and capabilities they have based on which to add an adjective to their name. Sir then asked the students to divide themselves into group of 12 consisting of 6 boys and 6 girls. Each Group was given newspaper and they have been asked to make a company, brand name and a creative and innovative product. Students were then given lunch break and an hour to complete their task of creating a product.

After the lunch break students presented their product and company and where judged the most innovative product was the floating bed. In the concluding session sir explained the objective behind the activity and also told the students that without vision nothing can be done. Before aiming something or making goals visualization & development of synergy is necessary.

Day 2- 4th August 2015


All students enthusiastic for their first industrial visit reported to OBS by 9:15. 9:30 they left the campus to visit Vishal Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Students reached the industry and there they were divided into 2 groups so that they can visit the plant properly and can be more interactive to their guide. Around 108 students went for the industrial visit.

After the lunch break the students were asked 3 questions by the faculty and were asked to make presentation in groups as done on the first day. The students presented the operating cycle of the company, challenges then workers faced in the factory and also gave suggestions that if they were managers how they would have solved that problem. 12 groups gave their presentation and suggestion out of which 2 groups have detailed information of operating cycle and their understanding about the company.

Day 3 – 5th August 2015

Students Gathered in seminar hall at 9:30 after which they got half hour time prepare for the presentation topic given on day 1 of orientation. 10:15 Pathak Sir started taking the presentations. There were 9 groups formed and so discussions were done on 9 different topics. Students have to give oral presenatation in which they used their own creativity ideas to present. Few group used Role play method, while some gave both positive & negative sides of the topics like Who is good manager?, Online & offline shopping, Yoga for betterment of tomorrow, Today’s Youth, Effect of TV Commercial, Make in India, China market and also Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Pathak Sir concluded the session by giving his views and suggestion to improve to students. Employees of Oakbrook International Present During the presentation also gave their views.Post lunch session started at 1:00 pm it was taken by John Paul Sir and Shweta Mam, they gave the presentation on Neev (beginnings) Sir explained the value of time, Importance of learning English and possessing employability skills. Sir also discussed about skills that employer looks for and told the batch to be more interactive and confident in expressing their views.


After 10 minutes break Dr. Gopalkrishnan took a session wherein he firstly discussed with students how they will have to study in MBA. He explained that managerial problems are different from time to time country to country and situation to situation. He explained that communication skills, Conceptualization and implementation plan preparation are most important. Then sir gave an example and discussed the case of Dashman Company with the students. Lastly he spared time for the question and answer sessions.

The closing of 3 days orientation programme was done by the academic head Mr. Jignesh Darji by explaining the evaluation criteria to students and also the disciplinary criteria students need to follow in next 2 years. Other faculties were also there and students were free to ask solve any query regarding the college, its activities, evaluation criteria, learning pattern. Students were seen more confident at end of orientation programme and the happiness of selecting best suitable MBA College for them can be seen on their smiling faces.