• Corporate Etiquette skills

    Dr, Bala Bhaskaran
    BoG – OBS


    Currently – Indus University – Director (School of Management)

    Former Director at Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad

    27+ years of vast experience in initiating and nurturing Business School in different aspects – designing programs, curriculum development, faculty development, brand building, nurturing research and publications, organizing international conferences etc.

    Vice President & Chief Learning Officer – Everonn Business Education Ltd,

    Director – ICFAI Business School, Ahmedabad

    Project Manager – Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd.


    PGDM – IIIM, Bangalore

    B.Tech – IIT , Madras

    CFA – Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, Hyderabad

  • Sales Budget & Sales Quota

    Mr. Devang Patel
    Head of Sales Department
    (Flourish pure foods Pvt.Ltd)
    14 th Sept., 2018.


    Mr. Devang Patel is head of sales at flourish food and former faculty incharge of Xcellon Institute Shool of Business. Sir has brief to the budding marketing managers about various roles at organization which students will face shortly. Sir has taught students how to choose sales territories and strategies to implement it properly. Sir has covered practical aspects of marketing by making various models of organization on Sales Territories. Sir has also briefly discussed about designing of sales territories effectively and sales quotas that will help students for their future orientation.

  • Corporate Etiquette skills

    9th Oct 2018


    Good business etiquette is the recipe for advancing one’s career. In the business world, people with good etiquette are rewarded for their professional and polite skills. To excel the students with the Corporate Etiquette skills Oakbrook Business School organized an expert session  on the topic of "Effective Communication w.r.t Corporate Etiquettes" on 9th Oct 2018.  The session was conducted by Mr. Rajesh Deshmukh, Regional Manager, IndusInd Bank. Mr. Deshmukh conducted a very interactive session on the said topic and beautifully covered the important areas like attentive listening, Professional Body Language, Relationship Building, voice modulation, writing etiquettes, style of communication etc. The session was very interesting followed by few exercises which made the session further more interactive and students were very energetic during the whole session.

  • Expectation of Employer from MBA Freshers

    Samir Patel


    Member of BoG

    Entrepreneur since last 30 years

    Chairman & Managing Director of Amos Enterprise Ltd.

    Who are distributors of Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Co Ltd and code solutions and SAKATA Inx(India) LTD.

    President at Gujarat Investors & Share Holder’s Association (GISA)

    President at Ahmedabad Acid Merchant Association

    President at Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO)

    Trustee at Bet Dhwarka Madir

    B.E. (Electrical Engineering) from Birla Vishwakarma
    Mahavidhyalaya, Vallabh Vidhyanagar

  • The beautiful thing about learning is that No one can take it away from you

    18th August, 2018


    To prepare the first year students for the masters program and guide them about the importance of learning & knowledge – an expert session on "Importance of MBA Degree" had been arranged by Oakbrook Business School on 18th August, 2018. Dr. C. Gopal Krishnan – Member of Board of Governors of Oakbrook Business School briefed the students on how they need to work on their communication skills and improve it as it is one of the essential need of today's market. He also explained the students about the importance of asking question and said that management is situational and a manager has to take decisions based on situation. To explain it further he discussed a case focused on strategy formation which is highly required to sustain in the current competitive market. He ended his session with a beautiful line that there is no substitute for hard work and motivates the students to work till the time they will not achieve their goal. The students feel very motivated and enthusiastic at the end of the session.

  • Expert Session on Consumer Research

    26th  October 2018


    All marketers will agree that market research is important. Because the media landscape is in a constant state of flux and marketers are constantly overwhelmed with data and business priorities, though, marketers tend to shave timelines, do "internal" research, and lose sight of the need for consumer marketing research for their organization. Keeping in mind the importance of Consumer Research in Market an expert session was organized on 26th  October 2018 for students of Marketing specialization to explore recent applications and extensions of categorization research in consumer behaviour. The session was conducted by stalwart Dr. A.C Brahmbhatt, Professor Emeritus and Research Mentor Oakbrook Business School. The session was very interactive and informative for all the Students.

  • Expert Session on Digital Marketing in Current Era

    19th January, 2018

    An online session on “Digital Marketing in Current Era” was conducted by Ms. ZareenShaikh, CEO at Digimarketerz LLP forfinal Year Students. Ms. Zareen discussed the basics of Digital Marketing and then she practically demonstrated students the usage of the same and tactics used by companies to increase their visibility. It was very interactive session and the students enjoy it at fullest.

  • Competency Mapping

    Monday, 12th February, 2018


    An expert session on Competency Mapping was conducted by Dr. Natasha Kaul – Assocoate Professor, Indira Business School, Pune, where she made the students acquainted with the concept & explained through her session how a competency model describes the combination of knowledge & skills and characteristics needed to effectively perform a role in an organization. She also described how it can be used as a human resource tool for selection, training and development, appraisal and succession planning. She also explained how Identifying and mapping these competencies is complex & how Skills can range from highly concrete proficiencies like the ability to operate a particular machine or to write a sentence to far less tangible capabilities such as the ability to think strategically or to influence others.

  • Awareness of Financial Planning

    Tuesday, 20th February, 2018


    Mr. ManthanPandya (India Infoline, Area Manager) has taken an expert session where he has shared his vast experience and knowledge regarding latest trend of investment available in the market. He briefly explained the students “how to invest, where to invest and when to invest” in Mutual fund for to avail maximum benefit. He also has informed the students about the various other options available in the market for the investment and how they can do investment in the same. He has informed the students about retirement planning and how they can do the same at the earlier age.

  • Recent trends in HRM

    Wednesday, 21st February, 2018


    An expert session on recent trends in HRM was conducted by Mr. ManvendraSaraswat, Founder &Ceo – THH World HR Solutions, where he gave an exposure to the students to the recent developments happening in the Industry in the field of HR. He also made them understand various upcoming terminologies that are gaining a boom in the current industry like green HRM, Competency mapping, diversity management etc.

  • Research Design & Sampling

    Friday, 23rd February, 2018


    Right steps in a right direction at a right time must be taken to get right results. That’s why it is called that “well begin is half done”. It means how to start and manage the whole process of any event requires extra care. Researches clear that methodology not contents decide the future of any event. Keeping in view the necessity of research methodology, A senior Adjunct Faculty Dr. A.C Brahmbhatt, delivered a session on Research Methodology. Dr. Brahmbhatt focused on various aspects of Research Methodology and guided students about the importance of conducting serious researches. The students were very partcipative during the whole session and appreciated the importance of such sessions.

  • Micro & Macro Analysis of Union Budget, 2018

    Thursday, 1st March, 2018


    Expert session has been taken by Dr. RasanandaPanda ,Professor MICAon the topic of “Micro & Macro Analysis of Union Budget 2018″. He discuss following points during his session:

    1. Demonetization has the effect of reducing the amount of cash in circulation and it has also helped the Govt. to promote digital transactions. To incentivize the small and medium enterprises, last year Govt. had reduced the presumptive tax rate from 8 per cent to 6 per cent for the transactions carried through banking channels.
    2. Government will decide to allocate Rs 16,000 crores to provide electricity to rural areas under PradhanMantriSaubhagyaYojna.
    3. Providing 5 lakh rupees per family per year for medical reimbursement, under National Health Protection Scheme.
    4. Further regulatory changes to regime governing VCs, AIF and angel investors is expected in near future
  • Omni Channel Retailing

    Wednesday, 7th March, 2018


    Mr. VinayVerma, National Head, Corporate Development, Shalby Hospitalexplained the Future of retailing and explained how Omni Channel Retailing is different than the traditional Retailing, where Individual channels were optimized without necessarily taking the whole experience in mind. In order to design a cohesive user experience for customers at every touch point Omni channel retailing is a booming concept. It was really an interactive and ended with various questions and Answers from the students.

  • Performance Management System

    Friday, 30th March, 2018


    An Expert talk on Performance management System was conducted by Mr. AshutoshSohale to make the student understand the concept in a more practical way how the industry actually implements the system that they learn in theory, the challenges that are faced during the entire process different methodologies used for evaluation of performance & the improvement of performance that is made by the managers by giving proper feedback.

  • Role of Entrepreneurs in Creating Jobs

    16th February 2017


    Considering the crucial role of entrepreneurs in creation of business enterprises and consequent job creation – a workshop with the captioned title was organized on 16th February 2017.

    The resource person for the workshop was Mr. ChandramauliPathak, Advisor Mentor – IIED Cell Oakbrook Business School.

    Mr. Pathak explained and inspired the students for deciding the choice of the career and opting Entrepreneurship as specialization to complete the MBA degree. He also emphasized upon the role of entrepreneurs in creating job and helping the society. The seminar was a grand success and was very much appreciated by the audience keeping in view the relevancy and quality of the contents and discussions.

  • Guest Lecture on Production and Operations Management in Automobile Sector

    18th February 2017


    A guest lecture on Production and Operation Management in automobile sector was conducted on 18th February 2017. The key note speaker for the session was Mr. Anil Patel, Plant Manager, Ford, Sanand Ahmedabad. Mr. Patel focussed on the latest developments in automotive supply chains and manufacturing technologies. The session was very informative and was well received by all the participants.

  • Career Guidance in Financial Sector

    22nd February 2017


    OBS is always committed towards excellence in education and making the students employable. In view of this a guest lecture was conducted on 22nd Feb 2017 for Finance students. The speaker for the day was Mr. Siddhartha Shah, properitor atShalibhadra Master Investment Broker. Mr Shah guided the students for their career and exposed them with the different types of opportunities available in the market. It was a wonderful session which got concluded with providing solutions to the queries of the students.

  • Guest Lecture on Soft Skills Development


    Knowing how to get along with people – and displaying a positive attitude – are crucial for success. Surviving in the business world is quite a tough feet and companies understand the importance of delivering top quality work against all odds. The success of a company rests upon, not merely the boss who heads the company, but also the employees who are integral part of any company. This having been stated soft skills are something which need to be present in not merely office employees but individuals belonging to various other fields as well. Keeping this in mind a guest lecture was conducted by Oakbrook Business School for the students’ development. The expert for the session was Ms. Martha Fernandes, Soft Skill Trainer. Ms. Fernandesfocussed on Time Management, Personal Presentation, Communication, attitude and confidence building.

  • Guest Session on Event Marketing

    9th March 2017


    On 9th March 2017, Thursday a guest session on Event Marketing was organized to give insights about managing and marketing any event. The session was taken by Dr.Rashmi Pant, a well-known speaker and faculty of Marketing. She elaborated how event marketing helps in brand building and creating awareness about the launch of new products/brands. She said, Events must be memorable to make an impact. She added that the desired impact depends on company’s goals, but most companies want events to be more than just a staged advertisement for their brand. When done well, events have the power to create a lasting and powerful impression of all that the company can deliver. Dr. Pant gave examples of popular companies who have successfully marketed their event. She explained that by allowing people to experience and interact with the company, product or service while participating in an event, the company is connecting with potential buyers. Lastly, for better understanding, she presented few videos that demonstrated impact of event marketing on people. In a nutshell, the session by Dr.Rashmi Pant was a lively and energetic one. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the lecture.

  • Guest Lecture On “Appraisal System”

    25th March 2017


    We all accept and recognize the importance of H R congregate in addressing the increasing needs and demands of HR professionals. Such forums provide a distraction free environment conducive for HR executives and others interested in HR function to expand their professional & personal development and take advantage of extensive networking opportunities.

    In view of the above and to expose our students to the concepts of HR a guest lecture was organized in the institute on the topic “Performance Appraisal System” on 25th March 2017. The objective was to broaden the professional horizons of our students and to create necessary awareness in them.

    Mr. Desai – though a highly qualified individual and an experienced, successful personality in the arena of HR was quite modest and down to earth in sharing his experience and details of his journey with the members. Real life examples brought out by Mr. Desai to illustrate his points made the session quite interesting and useful to the participants. The session was very well received & appreciated by the participants.