Oakbrook Business School commenced Skill Enhancement Program (SEP) series, with the objective of sharpening students’ skills and grooming them well for corporate readiness. The program has been designed after having intensive discussion and deliberation with training experts, students and faculties to meet corporate requirements.

The sessions of the series are planned on every Sundays starting June 2017. The topics would include Personality Development and Communication, Preparing for Group Discussion and Personal Interview, A to Z of GST, Preparing for Aptitude Test, Digital and Social media marketing, How to write Conference Papers to enrich research ability, How to prepare report for SIP, etc. that will help students in their career advancement.


The first topic of the Skill Enhancement Program (SEP) series was “Personality Development and Communication” conducted on 18.06.2017, Sunday, 10 am to 1 pm, at campus.

The session began by a welcome note given by Mr. Shashank Bhatt, Placement Officer, OBS. Mr. Rohit Patel, who is renowned for his pioneering in the field of Communication and Soft-Skills. The session was immensely helpful to the students to gain knowledge and understanding on various topics including Personality, Career selection, Interview basics, Types of Interviews, Basics of Group Discussion, etc. The session was meant for the students who are undergoing placement and may face placement process in the future. The audience included students of both Sem-02 and Sem-04, with a total count of 36.

The session started at 10:10 am and came to end at 1:15 pm. Vote of thanks was given by Ms. Pragna Kaul, Assistant Professor, OBS. The students had a positive feedback about the session, and gave their valuable inputs. The Sunday was well spent and students made the most of it.

Skill Enhancement Program Session 02: Effective Business Communication- A Key to Career Success

Under the Skill Enhancement Program series the second session was conducted on 25.06.2017, Sunday 10 am to 1 pm. The topic covered under this session was “Effective Business Communication-A Key to Career Success”

The Guest speaker was Mr. Rohit Patel, who is renowned for his pioneering in the field of Communication and Soft-Skills. The session started with a revision of the previous session, followed by a brief about correct pronunciation of similarly spelled words. Mr. Patel focussed on the written corporate communication (mail or letter). Sample business letters and exercises were given to students. A whole process of customer-company communication was explained in letters/mail as an example.

The session was conducted in continuation of the first session in the SEP series, Personality Development and Communication, so that the students can set a link between the topics. The audience included the students of both Sem-02 and Sem-04.


The session started at 10:30 am and came to end at 1:05 pm. Vote of thanks was given by Dhara Sardhara, Student of sem-02. The students had a great learning experience from the session as it was interactive and gave an insight to
the students on corporate communication, which will turn out to be helpful in their placements.

Skill Enhancement Program Session 03: Goods and Services Tax (GST)

With the launch of Goods and Services Tax on the 1 st of July, 2017, whole country was keen to understand what GST is and what its implications will be. The society was in confusions and speculations with the new beginning. The subject being so important, it was also the curiosity of management students to know and understand what GST is all about.

Hence keeping in view the importance of “One Nation, One Tax” regime, the third session under the Skill Enhancement Program series was conducted on “Goods and Services Tax (GST)” on 02.07.2017, Sunday 10 am to 1 pm.


Mr. Jimin Kumar Shah, a Chartered Accountant by profession was the speaker for the day. He took the students through the journey of GST, from its planning phase to the implementation. Mr. Shah guided on how the government has brought up transparency and uniformity in the system with GST. He explained the technicalities of the new tax system and enlightened us as to how the picture of the nation would change in the coming 6-8 months.


There were a lot of questions-answers from the students and faculties equally, which highlighted the interest everybody took in the session. It turned out to be a very fruitful session for all.

Skill Enhancement Program Session 04: Writing Summer Internship Report and Conference Paper

The Skill Enhancement Program at OBS went with a full swing with its 4 th session conducted on the theme “Writing Summer Internship Report & Conference Paper”. The speaker for the said theme was Ms. Priyanka Dave, who is a research scholar pursuing her PhD.

The theme was very aptly selected at the apt time when the students are on the verge of completing their SIP and are about to start with the report writing part. As is rightly said that “Good work could be ruined by a poor report, that doesn’t justify your practical work right.” So it was indeed inevitable to conduct this session.

The session was conducted in 2 parts:

Part I: Project report writing

Ms. Priyanka Dave explained the significance of writing research report by explaining how the research task remains incomplete till the report has been presented or written. As a matter of fact even the most brilliant hypothesis, highly well designed and conducted research study, and the most striking generalizations and findings are of little value unless they are effectively communicated to others. The purpose of research is not well served unless the findings are made known to others. She very well explained all the aspects of report writing ranging from the Executive Summary till the Bibliography along with all the Do’s & Don’ts & examples of each.


Part II: Conference Paper

This part of the session covered the skills & tips to write effective conference paper. According to Ms. Priyanka Dave the most important thing about the paper is that it should be clear and explicit. This is the crucial point where you let your audience know precisely what you're going to be talking about. You might even consider giving them a sense of what the structure of your paper will be. The contents of the session included tips to write abstract, key words, literature review, body of the paper, research methodology, findings, conclusions & bibliography.

The session was well received & appreciated by all of those in attendance.