Placement Committee

Oakbrook Business School aims at providing organizations with management professionals who are appropriate fit for the organization’s needs and requirements. The Placement Committee facilitates prospective employers by organizing institute-industry interactions regularly, providing complete support for arranging placement activities on the campus and recommending students to them for internship and placement.

It organizes pre-placement training by way of group discussions, personal interviews and workshops on personality enrichment and communication skills in an attempt to equip students with the necessary skills required to meet the challenges of recruitment.

OBS has corporate collaboration with various emerging sectors like Automobile Industries, Agro based Processing Industries, Chemical & Petrochemical Industries, Ports & Infrastructure Industries, Mineral Based & Allied Industries, Oil-Gas-Power Sector, Bio-Technology & Pharma Industries etc.


Event Management Committee

The Committee plans and oversees the smooth execution of all the different programmes, functions and events during the academic year and works with the respective organising Cell, committee or club for achieving the same.The Event Management Committee (EMC) at Oakbrook Business School undertakes the organisation and coordination of some of the major events that mark the OBS calendar, including the Fresher’s Day, Field / Site Visits at National and International Level, Various Conclaves, Annual Convocation, along with intra-college activities such as Teachers Day etc


Academic Committee

To bridge the gap between the academic performances of students and Faculty Teaching Pedagogy, the Academic Committee of Oakbrook Business School is being formed. The committee will lie down the academic regulations, inculcate the environment of research in college, approves special major policies, and reviews the academic progress of students at the end of each semester.


Student Welfare Committee

This committee will act as an interface between Management Faculties and Students. The committee administers and makes decisions concerning student welfare, taking up issues reported by students and resolves them by bringing it to the notice of the registrar

It also assists other committees like Anti-Ragging committee, woman development committee, Academic Committee, Placement Committee etc. in implementing their tasks in effective and efficient way.


Anti Ragging Committee

Oakbrook Business School aims at maintaining a healthy and congenial academic environment that will protect the new entrants from the menace of ragging. To deal with ragging incidents anti ragging cell has been established which includes Head of Academics, Students Welfare
Committee, Faculty and Students. All cases of ragging will be referred to this cell for prompt disciplinary action against the erring students.

Written undertakings are also taken that if anyone is found indulging in ragging he/she is likely to be appropriately. The punishment may be in the form of expulsion from the campus, suspension from the classes or fine with a public apology..


Women Development Committee

Women welfare Committee has been set up at Oakbrook Business College to uphold the dignity of women at work. The Women Welfare Cell of the College has been in operation since the inception of the college. The foremost objective of this cell is to safeguard the self-esteem and rights of the women students; empowering them to take part in all the activities of the college and thereby to feel that they are no longer inferior to men..


Grievance Redressal Committee

The Institute has set up a Mechanism for redress of grievances received from the Oakbrook Business School with respect to the activities of the Institute. It has been constituted with the objective of resolving the grievances of students, parents and other stakeholders. Grievances Redressal Committee is formed in order to keep the healthy working atmosphere amongst staff, students & parents. This cell helps Students to record their complaints and solve their problems related to academics, resources and personal grievances.

Industrial Advisory Committee

Industrial advisory committee at Oakbrook Business School aims at strengthening the tie between O.B.S. and its various stakeholders (Industry, Academia, and Government). Committee is also responsible for establishing the sustainable fund raising models to provide resources competitive with peer institutions. Committee helps in determining the development of educational initiatives, including on-line learning, executive education, professional degrees, and industrial course modules..

Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Committee

Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Committee has created a platform that will foster and support innovation and knowledge based entrepreneurship among the students of Oakbrook Business School. Committee organizes different workshop, events & seminar on how to prepare a Business Plan, Entrepreneurship activities to promote the Innovation & Entrepreneurship..

Research & Publication Cell

Purpose of forming such committee is to inculcate the environment of research in the institute and to improve the quality of research simultaneously. Under this committee, various periodical journals, books, magazines etc is published so that Oakbrook Business School can be developed as an arena where practitioners and Young professionals can interact. Some of the publications so far are Oakbrook Business Review, Oakbrook Business Bulletin, Oakbrook Business School Updates (HR Conclave, Induction Programme and Marketing Conclave)..

International Advisory Committee

International Advisory committee of Oakbrook Business School focuses upon the college’s engagement in study and research abroad. The Committee reviews and suggests policies and Institute practices as these relate to international and global engagement; explores innovative ways to create engaging, cross-cultural international partnerships (signing of MoUs etc.) and student or faculty exchange programs as well as facilitates new initiatives for multi-disciplinary international curricular and research programs involving various schools and departments..