Entrepreneurship is described as a potential driver to support the economic growth, since it is important for productivity, innovation and employment. The role of entrepreneurship has become increasingly apparent in economic and social development.

Oakbrook Business School has taken an initiative to encourage and support the budding entrepreneurs of Gujarat by organizing Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC). These camps are a platform where aspiring students get insights from the experts from industry.

Oakbrook Business School conducted “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” of three days At Bhavan's Sheth R. A. College Of Science, Khanpur, Ahmadabad. This EAC was exclusively for science and technology students.

Some Eminent Inauguration guest during EAC were:

  • Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, Entrepreneur Expert
  • Mr.Jaimin VAsava Chairmen of chemical industry
  • Mr.Rahul Bakchndani C.E.O of Gujrat university entrepreneur Cell
  • Mr.Chetan Chokshi, Owner of Vidhi Industry and Alumni student of Bhavan’s College
  • Mr. Chandrshekhar Trivedi, Owner of Vidhi Industry and Alumni student of Bhavan’s College.

The camp started with great prayer and lightening of lamp.


The introductory session was taken by Dr. D.N. Patel – Principal of Bhavan's Sheth R.A. College Of Science.

He welcomed all the dignitaries and participants and acknowledged Oakbrook Business School for organizing such a guiding program for Science students and faculties.

Dr.Jaimin Vasava, Chairman of Chemical association, shared few motivational stories of being on entrepreneur encouraged students to grab a wonderful opportunities to start career as entrepreneur.

Mr. Rahul Bakchandani – C.E.O of Gujrat university entrepreneur cell motivated studentsfor startup business and Shared experiences and challenges faced by him as an entrepreneur.

Mr.Chandrshekhar Trivedi – Owner of vidhi industry and Alumni student of Bhavn’s College, brief About of  vidhi industry. he Shared personal experiences motivated the students to grab such a wonderful opportunity and take their career up as a successful entrepreneur.

Mr.Chetan Chokshi – Owner of vidhi industry and Alumni student of Bhavn’s College. Failure is almost always placed at odds with success. Motivated participants and told them not to ever have fear of failure.

Mr.Chandrmauli Pathk – Entrepreneur Expert and Director of IIEDC (innovation incubation and entrepreneurship development centre) he brief about oakbrook business school and motivate the students to grab opportunity and to be entrepreneur.

Day One

Mr.Vijay Desai

The Post Lunch session was started by Mr.Viajy Desai on the topic identification of business opportunities and Market assessment. He said that if one is passionate about something and works hard for it, the efforts never go in vain. He added that a bold and hard-working entrepreneur can find several ways in order to achieve his/her goal.
He stressed on the “Innovation” factor of an idea and advised the students to open-up their minds and bring innovative yet idea. It was interactive session Mr. Vijay Desai speech has highly motivated to student. He ended his session by asking the students about their perceptions and doubts about Social entrepreneurship.

Day Two

Mr.Hiranya Vyas

The Morning session was taken by Mr.Hiranya Vyas with the topic business planning and raising money. He explain Business plan and feasibility report and finical aspects. He shred entrepreneurship advantages and disadvantages with example.

he talked about team building and development strategy. he had given information government policy and subsidy. Mr.Hiranya Vyas explain menace of finance and financial cost of project created interest amongst participants. The participants were motivated by his convincing speech.

Ms.Riddhi Ambawale

In the second half session was taken by Ms.Riddhi Ambavale, faculty of Marketing Management described how the advertisement impact on the consumers. To explain it in a broader way, she had shown some creative ads which had hidden meaning. She had explained that the company logo is also important and it should be easy and catchy enough to express its meaning. She had shown some unique creative logos of different companies which shows the clear meaning of their product and the service offerings. She explained the Marketing and advertising concepts with the help of audio-video presentation which created interest amongst participants..

Mr.Chandrmauli Pathak


The post lunch session was conducted by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, where to provide the practical knowledge of business.

For this, he had divided the students in to groups, provided them with the required materials. The students had taken it in a very positive way and make a new product with the given straws and other waste items. They also had presented their products with unique brand name and also came up with different marketing strategies. The best group has been awarded as per their marketing and presentation skills.

Day Three

Industries Visit At Vidhi Industries,Vatva,Ahemdabad

The students were taken on an industrial visit to Vidhi Industries,Vatva,Ahemdabad.

The students were divided in the batches of two and taken to the site by Mr. Nikshit Patel (Event Coordinator, OBS) and Dr. G.n Dave faculty of bhavan’s college . The students were given a tour of the factory by company owner Mr.Chetan Chokshi and Mr.Chandrshekhar trivedi.

Mr. Chandrshekhar explains dyes & chemical Industry. he discussed About their responsible for our never ending thrust for producing the premium range of products, which provides a certain edge over other competitors. He explained supplying superior quality products at a competitive price.  Mr. Chetan explained hot export product
Marketing, Finance, HR etc. happily answered Participants inquisitive questions. He also gave insights about the importance of brand identity, marketing and advertising of a particular product.Participants divided certificate and apparition by Mr. Nikshit Patel( Event coordinator OBS)

Group Photos: