Corporate Training Program at Oakbrook Business School 1st March, 2014



An enticing HR Conclave was held on 1st Mar’2014 at Oakbrook Business School on the topic “The path for creating a great talent pool”. The half day HR Conclave had the presence of eminent personalities of the Human Resource industry namely Mr. Ketan Bhatt, Sr. HR Professional, Ex-GM, Torrent Pharma Limited, Major Ravi Khanna- AVP, HR, Anil Limited, Mr. Vithal Nayak- Group Head HR, Arvind Limited, Mr. Manoj Nair- Adani Power.

The event was started by a welcoming note by Dr. Nivedita Srivastava, Dean, Oakbrook Business School. After this each of the speakers were acknowledged by Dr. Srivastava. The event had a large presence of HR professionals from various organisations and even students from Human Resource background. The event had a healthy mix of HR professionals from a number of organisations across the state and a number of students as well as aspiring HR professionals who were keen to hear from the profound personalities of the Human Resource industry. There was an indulgent discussion after every speaker concluded their view, which made the event all the more interesting! The event was a heady amalgamation of various personalities at one place and was highly appreciated by the participants as well as the speakers.

Speaker 1:

The HR conclave started with a cheery speech from Mr. Ketan Bhatt. He added his ray of enlightment on Performance Management and its role in nurturing talent pool. Mr. Bhatt has a wide range of experience in the various genres related to Human Resources. His professional experience boasts of working as General Manager-Corporate HR, Torrent Group, Idea Cellular (Gujarat) and Gujarat Gas Company Limited. His focus areas include Experience & understanding of Human Capital-Engagement, Management and Development spread over more than 20 years. He has avid exposure in downstream gas distribution & transmission, telecom & healthcare sectors. Mr. Bhatt has participated in several key enrichment events like HRD Facilitator, Basic & Advance Human Process Laboratory, Team Facilitator, Interpersonal Effectiveness & Team Building, Strategic Business Planning and Quality Improvement Tools.


He quoted lines of prominent personalities like Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy “Our assets walk out of our premises everyday, we have to ensure that they walk back inside everyday”. He then defined Performance Management as a process that is continuous and keeps on fortifying and evolving year after year. He said that the HR professionals need to create an environment that boosts an employee’s confidence. He further added that an employee should be given a sense of empowerment & psychological engagement in order to tune up his/her talents for the best use. Mr. Bhatt concluded his speech by stating 5 Cs to reinforce performance management namely Creativity, Commitment, Clarity, Confluence and Communication.

Speaker 2:

Major Ravi Khanna talked about Competency Mapping in Human Resource. He has a wide knowledge and experience in this genre, he showcased the participants a detailed presentation and minute details about competency mapping.

Major Ravi Khanna is currently Assistant Vice President- HR & Corporate Communications for a Business Group in Gujarat where his areas of focus are Competency Mapping, Change Management and Strategic & Business HR Solutions. He has worked as Zonal Head (West & South) for Hughes Communications India Ltd. Major Ravi Khanna is also a former Indian Army officer.


Major Khanna stated competency mapping is like a behavioural iceberg, you can only see the tip of it from distance, but there lays a larger content beneath when you take a closer look. He said that the important points of competency mapping depend on observable behaviour aptitude, traits, skills, knowledge etc, but the only factor that drives an employee towards success is his skill. He further added that there are specific frameworks of competency mapping and one can adopt them according to their organisation’s need. Major Khanna talked about various aspects of competency mapping such as methods to identify competencies, Competency Model, purpose of Competency model etc. Major Khanna ended his speech by talking about effectiveness of the company, success planning and restructuring.

Speaker 3:

Mr. Vithal Nayak started his speech by talking about his own company’s HR revival phenomenon. He gave an invigorating presentation that showed the process of “Coaching”.


Mr. Vithal Nayak is Group Head- HR, IR and Administration. He has rich experience in the field of Human Resource in various sectors. He has worked as HR, Director at SKF, CEO and Regional Director- SAARC and Middle East for LIM Leadership in International Management LLC. Mr. Nayak has accomplished his MBA in Human Resource Management and Services while he has done his B.E (Honors), Mechanical Engineering from Sardar Patel College of Engineering.

Mr. Nayak gave a step-wise narration of a company’s alleviation due to coaching by the HR team. He told the participants about the “GROW” model which consists of attributes like Growth, Reality, Options and Will. This cycle plays an important role in changing the dynamics of an organization. Mr. Nayak then enlightened the participants about the qualities of good coach which are ability to prioritize, readiness to listen, high expectation, belief in people’s potential and most importantly interest in coaching the people. He then ended his speech on an ambitious note by inspiring the participants to prioritize the “coachee”, listening and understanding their dilemma by empathizing with them and offering them different options after thorough evaluation of their potential.

Speaker 4:

Mr. Manoj Nair of Adani power was the last speaker but he made it a point to leave a definite mark in minds of participants by giving his impeccable ideas on “Employee Engagement”.

Mr. Manoj Nair is presently the HR Business Partner, Adani, he has also worked in Business Development & Fuel Management and Transmission Division Pan India. Manager, Talent Acquisition, Associate Manager, GMR Group (Bangalore), Essel Mining Aditya Birla Group (Mumbai, Kolkata and Orissa), Worked on the Job Banding Assignment with Hay Group Methodology.


Mr. Nair gave a lively presentation on his topic numerous examples on how to engage an employee towards the organisation. He said that there are several factors on which employee engagement depends. He gave the mantra “Involve to evolve”, i.e. he asked the participants to innovate and involve them in various ways through which the employees can be attached to the organisation and build a strong relationship between the employee and organisation. Emotional quotient of the employee must be aroused in order to ignite ownership, recognition and enjoyment since one spends more than half day of their lives in office. If these attributes are kept in mind while designing any employee engagement activity, it is sure to bear the desired results. Mr Nair gave several examples from his own experiences at Adani, he further explained the crucial role of the HR team in every organisation for it to excel and reach the point of zenith. He concluded his speech by saying that employee-centric and employee oriented employee engagement activities can be a foundation stone in building a reputable organisation.