Oakbrook Business School Organized its 2 nd Financial Conclave on 19 th of November, 2016.

The theme of this conclave was “Financial Transformation” Sustainability Vs Vulnerability. This conclave was conducted in order to make the students aware regarding the financial transformation our country has gone through.

Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi -The Director of Oakbrook Business School welcomed the Chief Guest and all the Dignitaries, after which lamp lighting ceremony was conducted.

Chief Guest:

Mr. Himal Parikh was the chief Guest of this conclave. He is the CEO and founder director of Interface Brokerage & Research Ltd. He is an outstanding management professional graduated from IIM, Ahmedabad, who is always straight to the point and believes in the end results. He has more than 35 years of experience in corporate finance, stock broking, merchant banking and advisory services.

He discussed about the demonetization decision taken by the Prime Minister and its immediate effect on the Indian Economy. The following points were emphasized as the impact of demonetization.

  • Reduction in the interest rates.
  • GDP would be lower up to 30-40%.
  • Availability of houses at a cheaper rate.

He then talked about the cashless society or we can say the cashless economy, He gave an example of the first digital village in India and how online facilities were used in order to purchase the goods or receiving the services through E-commerce.

Keynote Speaker :

The keynote speaker of the event, Mr. Shaleen Patni, who is a Practicing Chartered Accountant by profession discussed about the vision of the Prime Minister who introduced the Jan Dhan Yojana, after which he explained about
payment bank and how it worked in India, he also explained about the GST and the loopholes of the law which public captured for the non-payment of tax. He also emphasized on the benefits of timely payment of tax.

Guest of Honour:

Mr. Chirag Shah, the Guest of honour of the event, is a Senior Manager at S&P Global Market Intelligence in Quality Control Department. He explained the concept of “Lean culture” which should be adapted in an enterprise. He discussed about the transformation and the digital era, how to eliminate waste and briefed
about the various types of wastes in an enterprise.

Vote of Thanks:

Ms. Shraddha Sheth, CEO of Oak Brook College thanked the guests.
After which Prof. T.A. Nikita proposed the vote of thanks.

Post Lunch

First activity

After lunch at 2:15 pm a role play was performed by the Finance students on the theme that was “Stock Market Mechanism”.

Second activity

Finance Quiz was conducted between the students.

Third activity

Panel Discussion was conducted between the students in order to understand
the positives and negatives of the note ban in India.