Alumni Meet is a perfect platform for the graduates to meet their peers and teachers and revive the contacts. It is organized to celebrate and refresh old relationships and form new ones.

Oakbrook Business School organized its 3rd Alumni Meet on 16th Sept. 2018, Sunday. The meet aimed at fostering a sense of community among alumni, while supporting a sense of connectedness back to the institution. The meet saw a presence of students of all the 3 batches; and the alumni enthusiastically participated.


Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi, Director, Oakbrook Business School, welcomed the alumni and updated them with the developments of the Institute. She and Dr. Ankita Srivastava made the alumni recollect their pleasant memories of the campus life and also made the students share their experience on the long term learning with professionally managed organization vs. the demerits of short- sightedness of frequent job hopping.

Sharing of their professional corporate experience with each other, made the alumni meet more memorable as there was a lot of deliberations amongst the alumni on the problematic situations faced by them and the solutions worked out by them. The discussion had a touch of case-study learning that the alumni pursued during the academic curriculum at the campus.

This was further followed by the management games for the alumni conducted by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak. Learning from the games was focused on team work and how the communication change within the organization hierarchy leads to faulty execution of organizational strategies at the grass-root level, resulting in the organization not being able to achieve its long-term and short-term objectives.


The meet was concluded by Vote of Thanks from Ms. T. A. Nikita, Assistant Professor, Oakbrook Business School. The traditional group photo was taken and delicious lunch was served. With them, the alumni carried a lot of nostalgia and a token of appreciation from the campus.