Entrepreneurship is described as a potential driver to support the economic growth, since it is important for productivity, innovation and employment. Entrepreneurship is thus the dire need of the hour today, with the growing number of start-ups across the world, Indian entrepreneurs need to be at par with their international counterparts.

Oakbrook Business School organized “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” for two days on 29th & 30th January, 2016 at L. M. Pharmacy College. The event had the presence of notable dignitaries from entrepreneurial sector and its facilitators. Number of students who were interested in making their career as an Entrepreneur in the Pharma Industry had participated in the camp. All the students showed their keen interest for learning the new emerging opportunities in this Industry and also about the schemes of the government in developing the Pharma sector.

Day One:

The camp started with great enthusiasm amongst students. The profound speakers of the event for first day were:

  • » Mr. Chandramauli Pathak (Entrepreneurship Expert)
  • » Dr. Rajendra Bhatt
  • » Dr. Darshana Thakkar (Social Entrepreneur)


The event started with lightening of lamp by all dignitaries.

The introductory session was taken by Dr. Chabbarai – Principal of L.M. College of Pharmacy. He welcomed all the dignitaries and participants and acknowledged Oakbrook
Business School for organizing such a guiding program for pharmacy students and faculties.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth – Academic head at Oakbrook Business School presented the overview of the initiatives taken by the Institute to promote Entrepreneurship amongst students. She also emphasized the importance of promoting entrepreneurship amongst science and technology students.

The first speaker of the day was Mr. Chandramauli Pathak (Entrepreneurship Expert). He commenced the event on an ambitious note and explained with basic values of entrepreneurship. He presented the objectives and coverage of Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp for pharmacy students and highlighted the points that motivate entrepreneurs. He said that experimentation is a very crucial part of becoming an entrepreneur. He explained from where the entrepreneurship starts, the process and stages of an entrepreneurship, the capabilities required, the challenges to face, the government policies and support to a new entrepreneur and how one can explore his/her career as entrepreneur right from the college stage by exploring various opportunities and building confidence.


Dr. Karlo – Board of Director at Ahmedabad University shared his experience and reiterated the need and relevance of entrepreneurship education and also mentioned the need to inculcate innovative spirit and research orientation in our education system. He elaborated on the skill sets that would make one a successful entrepreneur. He advised the students to look for information about big companies i.e, how was it ideated, conceived and grew to be major businesses gradually.

Mr. Patel – a successful entrepreneur alumnus of Pharmacy College shared his successful experiences and challenges faced by him as an entrepreneur and motivate the students to grab such a wonderful opportunity and take their career up as a successful entrepreneur.

The post lunch session was taken by Dr. Darshana Thakkar – A social entrepreneurs and Gynaecologist. She gave session on social entrepreneurship and discussed on gender disparity and the need of gender sensitivity by sharing real life experiences. She also highlighted the work that she did for girl child, health and other educational projects to empower woman. She explained the social entrepreneurship concepts with the help of audio-video presentation which created interest amongst participants. The participants were motivated by her convincing speech.

The first day ended with open house discussion where they solved their doubts for taking up their career as an entrepreneur.

Day Two:


The second day of the camp was a Sunday, yet students participated in a large number to attend the camp. The speakers for the 2 nd day were:

  • Padmin Buch (EX MD of GITCO & Project Consultant)
  • Mr. Khandwala

The morning session of the 2 nd day was started by Mr. Padmin Buch. He held an interactive session where he gave a presentation on entrepreneurship stating the fundamental requirement for being an entrepreneur and also laid down the factors one should assess before executing a business plan. He shared business opportunities in pharma industry and discussed how to identify such opportunities and how to access the market by identifying such an opportunity. He also discussed the importance of conducting feasibility study of finance, market, technological and commercial aspects of a project/opportunity by giving an example that made the participants understand all this factors and their impact on business.

Post lunch session was also taken by Mr. Buch where he asked the students to do a thorough market survey before plunging into an entrepreneurial venture and explained the importance of idea and conducting the feasibility of the idea. He also explained the legal aspects and registration process for patent and the central and state government’s schemes for patent registration to encourage and support entrepreneurship.


The last session of 2 nd day was taken by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, where he explained how to get prepared for being entrepreneur. He shared the examples of successful entrepreneur of Gujarat. He also invited the participants to visit and take the advantage of Oakbrook Incubation Centre, where they provide monitoring and other support to potential start-ups.


The event was concluded by Prof. Rajendra Bhatt – Professor of L.M.Pharmacy College with vote of thanks to the dignified speakers for sharing their innovative ideas and guiding how Pharmacy College can take up such activity by setting up special entrepreneurship cell in college. He also expressed his sincere thanks to all the faculties and participants and Oakbrook Business School for conducting such a wonderful camp and making the event interactive and successful.