Oakbrook Business School conducted “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” of three days from 12th to 14th July, 2016 at Shree V & K Patel Institute of Engineering, Kadi, Gujrat. This EAC was exclusively for science and technology students

Day One (12th July, 2016)

The event started with lightening of lamp.


The introductory session was taken by Mr. D.M. Patel – Principal of Shree V & K Patel Institute of Engineering College. He welcomed all the dignitaries and participants.

The speakers of the first day of EAC at Shree V & K Patel Institute was:

1) Mr. Chandramauli Pathak (Mentor & Advisor of OBS)


Mr. Chandramauli Pathak started the camp with a brief introduction of Oakbrook Business School.He subsequently made presentation on the topic “ENTREPRENEURIAL ECONOMY AND OPPORTUNITIES”. And explained concept of entrepreneurship and motivated students to think differently and be innovative.

He emphatically stated that people today desire for quality and luxury and do not hesitate to pay more if served with quality products. This leads to an era where smart entrepreneurs can assure their target clients by providing quality and innovative products which makes the customer’s life easy as well as lavish.
Mr. Chandramauli Pathak elaborately discussed about Entrepreneurship Development Cycle, Entrepreneur Challenging and Entrepreneur: Process and Stages and gene in depth clarity over the topics.

Day Two (13th July,2016)


On second day, Mr. Jayant Athavale (Expert), had a very interactive session with the students. He started the session by asking basic questions to the students and if they had thought of plunging into entrepreneurship. The discussion made the session more interesting. He discussed about the process of Bank Loan and how to avail finance to start-up projects. Process of starting own venture and shown inclination towards entrepreneurship. He gave many examples and made the students understand about the impact of marketing in today’s world.


Subsequently Mr. Pathak started his session with a management game. He formed groups of four for playing creative games. The students were then given material to make new product and asked to give name and to make presentation about their product. The students soon got engaged in creating some creatively unique products from straws and pins.

They were then asked to present and market their products. The two best groups were chosen as winners according to their marketing and presentation skills. Subsequently, many innovative ideas were generated by the students and made session very productive.


Day Three (14th July,2016)

The first session of the day was conducted by Mr. Vijay Desai He started his speech by telling them the risks and returns of being an entrepreneur. He discussed and inspired students to be risk takers in life. Also Mr. Desai suggested sources of raising funds for a business. He said getting funds is not a big deal since there are ventures who are ready to fund the project but what is required is innovative or unique ideas to start a business. He gave a truly informative speech which helped every student gain some insight for starting a business. The students were highly motivated by his speech.


The next session was taken by Ms. Riddhi Ambavale., Marketing Faculty, Oakbrook Business School. She delivered a session on how to market a new product and smart tips of Quick Marketing. Ms. Ambavale explained the basic fundamentals market, its advantages and disadvantages. She gave examples of different companies whose advertisement failed in reality. She also gave few instances of local restaurants of Ahmedabad city and their marketing strategies. Thus her session enhanced marketing knowledge of young students and they received a good deal of information on how to market a new product.


The event was concluded by distributing certificates to the participants and vote of thanks by Ms. Shraddha Seth, Academic head of Oakbrook business school . She thanked the institute and principal for sharing inclination for entrepreneurship and support throughout the program. Mr. D.M. Patel – Principal of Shree V & K Patel Institute of Engineering College thanked Oakbrook business school for making 3day journey of Entrepreneurship awareness program memorable.