Three days Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp was organized by Oakbrook Business School at Venus Engineering College on 21 st to 23 rd July,2016. Large number of students from engineering sector had participated in this camp who were interested to make their career as an entrepreneur and willing to know the emerging new opportunities in the engineering sector as an entrepreneur.


Day One:


The first day started with an Inaugural session where Mr. Rishabh Jain Trustee of Venus Engineering college welcomed all the dignitaries & participants. He also acknowledged Oakbrook Business School for organizing such a guiding program for engineering students and faculties.

Mr. Chandrmauli Pathak – Entrepreneurship Expert presented the objectives and coverage of Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp for engineer students and highlight what makes and motivates entrepreneurs.

In the first half, he explained from where the entrepreneurship starts, the process and stages of an entrepreneurship, the capabilities required, the challenges to face, the government policies and support to a new entrepreneur and how one can explore his/her career as entrepreneur right from the collage stage by exploring various opportunities and building confidence.

In the second half, he explained how a smart entrepreneur can earn more by doing something extra with the help of presentation on ENTREPRENEURIAL ECONOMY AND OPPORTUNITIES. To elaborates that he had given an example of the lifestyle of today’s generation. Today’s generation yearn for quality & luxury and they don’t think once even to pay more if served with some extra quality & luxury or comfortness, and here the entrepreneur can take an advantage by targeting such clients and can earn more in doing less but smart work.

The following three topics were covered during EAC:

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship Development Cycle
  2. 2. Entrepreneur Challenging
  3. 3. Entrepreneur: Process and Stages

Day Two:

The Morning session of 2 nd Day has been divided in to two parts.

Ms. Riddhi Ambavale, Faculty of Marketing Management at Oakbrook Business School has delivered an expert session on the importance of market trend & analysis of current market for the new entrepreneur. She explained how
various demographical & psychosocial behaviour of a consumer effect on the business. The depth study of a market by the owner plays an important role as the business has to meet the requirements of the customer with the available resources, and the main objectives of any business is to satisfy the customer’s need and not to earn only profit. To explain this, she gave examples of various companies and how they expanded their business by providing satisfaction to their customers and create the value of their brand in very less period. She winded up the session with a summary that if a business wants to sustain in the competitive market, they must have to satisfy their customer first.


The next session has taken by Ms. Sambhavi Tanwar – Proprietor Samepage who explains the importance of proper communication for any business. Now a day’s social media and advertisement plays an important role and majority of the communication happens online. For this where we don’t know where our customer is and who is our customer, the communication method plays a vital role. She also explained the barriers which affect during such business and
the importance of listening skill and effective clear communication.


The post lunch session was conducted by Mr.Chandramauli Pathak, where to provide the practical knowledge of business, he did an exercise with the students. He told the students that they have to create one product, have to give the creative unique brand name to their product and have to have to give presentation for the same.

For this, he has divided the students in to groups, provided them with the required materials. The students have taken it in a very positive way and make a new product with the given straws and other waste items. They also
have presented their products having unique brand name and also came up with different marketing strategies. The best group has been awarded as per their marketing and presentation skills.

Day Three:

Third day and last day of EAC is also divided in to two parts.


The first morning session will be taken by Mr. Padmin Buch – SME development expert who explained the finance related issues for a new business. Fund – Money is primary requirement of any business. There are many options available with a businessman to get a fund but before that he/she must have to understand the requirement of a business, financial plan – cost of a business and the business cycle as well.The person can get a loan but he/she has to repay it on time as well. Technical feasibility & the category of a project (Manufacturing unit, service industry, web project etc.) also plays an important role while investing money. The suitable source of finance must also be taken care as per the category of a project.

He also said that an entrepreneur must be a risk-taker and faces all the challenges with confidence and composure. He also added that an entrepreneur should be not only risk taker but have to be a smart risk taker who can find way for his business in any situation.

The session then continued by Dr. Chandan Chatterjee – Adviser (Project & Technology) at iNDEXTb (Govt of Gujarat) & Director of The Centre for Entrepreneurs Development (Industries Commissioner, Govt of Gujarat).

The topics covered by him are as follows:

  • » Start- ups Entrepreneurship
  • » Skill- Scale Speed
  • » Young India opportunity
  • » Global Business
  • » Growing opportunities for Marketing
  • » Innovation

In the second half, the students from Aadishwar college of Technology – Venus visited Oakbrook Business School campus, where Ms. Riddhi Ambavale, faculty of Marketing Management described how the advertisement impact on the
consumers. To explain it in a broader way, she showed some creative ads which had hidden meaning. She also has explained that the company logo is also important and it should be easy and catchy enough to express its meaning. She has shown some unique creative logos of different companies which shows the clear meaning of their product and the service offerings.

Vote of Thanks

The event was concluded by Ms. Shraddha Sheth – C.E.O. of Oakbrook business school with a vote of thanks to all
the dignified speakers for sharing their innovative ideas. She also expressed her sincere thanks to all the faculties and students of Venus College for participating and visiting at the campus of Oakbrook Business School and making the event successful.