Oakbrook Business School was filled with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere on 28th January 2017 as it celebrated its Annual Sports Extravaganza- URJA 2017. Almost 150 students of Oakbrook Business School of MBA I and II year participated in the event. Games and sports are the two things that can ensure a student both physically and mentally a good health, so that they can easily take the load of studies. Not only that when a student engages himself/herself into any kind of sports, he/she is learning team spirit, sharing, taking the decision, and many positive things. With this objective in mind the event was conducted with great enthusiasm.


The inauguration ceremony displayed a wide array of colourful and reverberant events such as March Past, Torch Relay and friendly matches. They mesmerised the audience with their energetic performances in all the areas of sports. The program began with a welcome note by the Director of the Institute Dr. Sourabhi Chaturvedi where she encouraged & motivated the students for their participation & performances through her inspiring words. Dr. Chirag Patel, who is very well known and one of the most distinguished personalities in the arena of sports graced the occasion as the chief guest of the function. Ms. Shraddha Sheth, CEO, Oakbrook Business School felicitated Dr. Patel with a small token of love and appreciation. Dr. Patel motivated the students to follow and nurture their dreams and if they do so nothing can stop the success from touching their feet. He illustrated this by explaining his real life experiences and struggles. he students were inspired by the kind of charismatic personality and the way he projected himself.

Next was the march past. The drumbeats rolled, the band struck up and a high pitched voice issued a command. The synchronised swing of arms and the sound of thudding feet really stirred something within all. Besides being spectacular, there was something inexplicably inspiring about the March past that was the sense of dignity and pride the cadets brought to it. Mr. Mahendrasingh Tomar who is a state level hockey player took the lead by carrying the flag. That was indeed a wonderful sight. March past was followed by the torch relay conducted by our 4 glorious students Mr. Ritesh Patel, Mr. Prakash Rathod, Mr. Hardik Limbachiya and Mr. Diljit Singh who have brought name and fame to our institute and has got a remarkable place in sports field carried the torch.


One of the prime important part of the event was the oath taking ceremony which was conducted by the director of the institute, Dr. Sourabhi Chaturvedi where the students solemnly took the oath to abide by the rules and regulations & to participate in the sports with the true spirit of sportsmanship. The chief guest then officiated the sports meet open by flying the balloons up in the air. The event concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Shraddha Sheth where she applauded the effort of the students and the teachers organizing such a wonderful event. After the inaugural the students enjoyed the entire day with full energy & maximum participation. The event had 4 teams of cricket, 4 teams of volley ball, 2 teams of basket ball, 4 teams of kho-kho & participation in big numbers in all the indoor games like chess, carom and Table-Tennis. Sports day 2017- URJA thus came out to be a grand success.