An enriching workshop was held at Oakbrook Business School, Adalaj on 22nd February on the topic “Changing Paradigm in Higher Education: Innovative methods and Research.” The workshop had presence of some the profound personalities of education field namely Dr. Subhash Bhrambhatt(Principal of H.K Arts College), Dr. Bhagwati Prasad Bhrambhatt (Director of ASC, Gujarat University), Dr. G. Krishnamurthy (former principal of Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management, Changa.) and Dr. Chandramauli Pathak (Former Senior Executive at ICECD). A large number of fresh and experienced professors attended the workshop making it a thoroughly engaging and enriching affair for the speakers as well as the participants. Speakers talked about the changing scenario in higher education and talked about how higher education has evolved over time and need for change in the current system. The participants were eager to bring in fresh ideas for the betterment of education system and the speakers acknowledged and enhanced their innovative ideas. The half-day workshop ended on a glorious and ambitious note of contributing your best in order to bring about a change in the education system.

Dr Subhash Brahmbhatt: Dr Brahmbhatt is currently the Principal of H.K Arts College, Ahmedabad and has been in teaching profession since 33 years. He has pursued his post graduation in Department of Indian Culture, Gujarat University and Saurashtra University (Rajkot).


He is an active member at various departments such as Syndicate Member of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Chairman, Fine Arts Faculty, (GU), Chairman, Board of Studies, Indian Culture, (GU), Director, IAS Training Centre, Shri H.K Arts College to name a few.

Dr. Bhrambhatt initiated the workshop by stating the goal of education: self refinement. He said that a teacher not only educates students but also refines his own knowledge while teaching. He said that education is a weapon with which a lot of atrocities can be eradicated. Education not only enlightens an individual but shows the path to a better life. He further said that teachers must have passion to impart education, if they are not keen to do that, they must not pursue this profession. Dr. Bhrambhatt also suggested the participants to inculcate new technology and find innovative methods to facilitate education. He further said that if the educators do not evolve according to the pace of time, they will perish. He advised the teachers to look beyond the text-book and engage the students in learning new things and thereby contribute in creating a better society.

Dr Bhagwatiprasad Bhrambhatt: Dr. Bhagwati Prasad Brahmbhatt is the former Director of ASC, Gujarat University. He attained his Ph.D. from Gujarat University in 1980. Dr Brahmbhatt has been a scholar throughout his academics with gold medals in both B.A as well as M.A. He has over 30 years of experience in teaching in various colleges of across the state such as Arts & Commerce College, Balasinor, Arts & Commerce College, Idar, Prof. School of Languages, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. Dr. Brahmbhatt has penned several books which cover all the genres of literature namely Critical Writing, Biographies, Fiction, Translations, History etc.


Dr. Bhrambhatt started his speech by talking about rich Indian heritage and the various learned men who contributed in enriching our literature. He described the current education system and its shortcomings. He said that many reforms need to be made in our education system since students today enroll into a course in order to acquire a degree and thereby a job, not to learn something new or innovate. The gist of college education today is to acquire a job after the completion of course.

Prof. G. Krishnamurthy:

Prof. G. Krishnamurthi is the former principal of Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management, Changa. He has finished his engineering degree from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu and done his Post-graduation in Management from IIM Bangalore. He has been in the teaching profession since 20 years, he has taught several subjects such as Project Management, Project Financing and Working Capital Management, Management of Development Projects, Production and Operations Management, Production Planning and Logistics Management, Management Information Systems and many more at Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA).


Prof. G Krishnamurthy started off his speech by talking about the origins of the word paradigm. He said that one’s beliefs determine the information he/she perceives i.e. the vision is affected by our beliefs. He then stated that our education system changed alarmingly during the late 1990s. A large number of higher education institutes sprung up during this period, which indicated the need and awareness of higher education among youth. Today because of lack of a strong education system and innovative methodology, the students are not competent enough to their international counterpart. He further added that there is a strong need for developing a “Futuristic approach” in education today; the teachers need to adopt innovative ways to ignite the learning sense into the students.

Dr. Chandramauli Pathak:

Dr. Pathak is currently the Senior Executive at International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD), Ahmedabad. He has over 30 years of experience in the field of teaching and training in Entrepreneurship at school, graduate and post graduate level. He is a well known Entrepreneurship Expert with diverse experience in curriculum development, teaching and developing entrepreneurship courses.


He has acquired his Bachelors in Engineering fro LD Engineering College, Ahmedabad in 1970 and has pursued several courses in premier institutes like IIM Ahmedabad, Vena Leiden University, Netherlands, International Finance Corporation (IFC), South Asia, Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD), New Delhi, International Labour Organisation, New Delhi, Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA), Ahmedabad

Dr. Pathak initiated his speech on a positive note, stating that everyone needs to contribute their part in order to bring about a change. A paradigm shift is required in ourselves first and not the entire system. He said that we have ample youth resource and we must not waste it. Learning is more important than teaching, if students haven’t gained knowledge and discovered anything new, teachers fail. A change can be seen when a student becomes his own teacher. We need to facilitate a learning environment and develop persistence to gain knowledge among the students. Along with this consistent persistence, one also needs to modify the current methods of education so as to sustain in future. The teachers need to bring in the spirit of competition in the students which will help them to do better in every aspect. Dr. Pathak concluded his speech by saying that teachers must encourage the students to learn facts practically and be rational instead of mugging up the theories.