Day one: Diwali Camp – Catch them Young

Oakbrook Business School organized 4th Entrepreneurial Orientation Programme Diwali camp for youth – Catch them Young from 8th November 2015 to 10th November 2015. All students were excited to know exactly what are they going to
learn in innovative ways.


Day one of the camp (8th November 2015) started after participants enjoyed breakfast arranged for them at 9:00 am. After the breakfast all the students gathered in classroom. Ms. Shraddha Sheth, Academic Head of Oakbrook Business School introduced the participants with the college Oakbrook Business School and its MBA
programme. Ms. Sheth made efforts to make participants participative by asking questions like why they are part of this programme, what they want to achieve in life. And what is their understanding about word entrepreneur. Ms. Sheth then listed down the qualities and characteristics of leadership. Ms. Sheth introduced the students that they will go through advanced learning sessions during the camp. Ms. Sheth then discussed about qualities of successful people and past camp organized at Oakbrook Business School and even showed two video clips.


Followed by the introductory session by Ms. Sheth, students were taken to classroom II where Chandramauli Pathak Sir took the session. Mr. Pathak firstly asked the participants to give their reason for joining this Diwali camp. Mr. Pathak told the participants that they should experience both good and bad in order to learn. Mr. Pathak told the participants that learning is with you-yourself. Mr. Pathak then introduced himself and narrated one short story explaining his experiences. The moral of the story was that each one should always be ready to brush up their skills and abilities. Mr. Pathak told the student that they are from the lucky generation wherein they have all the facilities to do wonders.

Mr. Pathak then asked the students to introduce themselves this was done through an activity.

The activity was that all participates have to write one word reflecting their nature on the piece of paper. Then the participants were instructed to pin up that piece of paper and to go and introduce themselves to others.

In the second activity, participants had to note down their best friend name and the reason why the person is their best friend, followed by making a line where each participant should stand according to their birthday and languages known.


Then Mr. Pathak instructed the participants to move around the classroom and think about one successful person who comes to their mind. They were also made to think about the qualities and capabilities of that person and the qualities which the participant want to develop in themselves.

Mr. Pathak then explained the participants that goals, vision and mission if are set clearly in their mind then they will be able to achieve them easily. Strong vision is essential to achieve goals. Mr. Pathak told the participants that they need to sharpen their skills in order to be successful.

Mr. Pathak then in his session started speaking about vision building. Mr. Pathak explained the meaning of vision that it is not seeing but it is imaging and visualizing. Mr. Pathak told the participants that commitment is also required to achieve the vision. Mr. Pathak asked the participants that who is the greatest visionary person according to them. Mr. Pathak discussed about the importance of vision

Post lunch session Mr. Pathak took session on Motivational Exercise. In this exercise all the participants were divided into 3 groups wherein each group were given individual topics like- New technologies that may affect you and way you live, new lifestyle that you would like to live, Social Change. All the groups were given 25 minutes to discuss on the topics. Then Sir did another exercise wherein students were test on their motivational skill. Mr. Pathak made 10 stages and each participant have to come forward and fix a goal and throw a ring. It was seen whether they were able to set proper goal and achieve it or not. Mr. Pathak then allowed the students to play second round of ring throwing. While concluding the session Mr. Pathak told the participants that they should have a realistic goal set and further should also focus and confidence on themselves to achieve the goal.

At the end of day one the participants were happy with the activities done and the advanced learning obtained.

Day Two: Diwali Camp – Catch them Young

Oakbrook Business School organized 4th Entrepreneurial Orientation Programme Diwali camp for youth – Catch them Young from 8th November 2015 to 10th November 2015. 29 students between age group of 12-18 years were enrolled in the
4th Entrepreneurial Orientation Camp.

Day two of the camp (9th November 2015) started with the review of learning’s conducted by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak wherein participants reflected their leanings of day one. Then Mr. Pathak gave introduction of Ms. Hetal Desai to the students who took another session on meditation and self-control. Ms. Hetal Desai explained the participants what is yoga and asana? Ms. Hetal asked the participants that what exactly they do when they are angry. The Ms. Hetal told that Yoga helps to tackle anger. It helps to live life peacefully and it’s related to mind and also helps to make
body fit and healthy.Ms. Desai insisted the participants to practice yoga everyday for 20 minutes which
will help them to tackle anger and stay healthy. Ms. Desai then explained the students that meditation increases concentration power. Ms. Desai then taught the participants to adjust in life and how to be happy while adjusting and helping others. Ms. Desai gave lesson of adjustment by while adjusting in the given place. While the
participants were doing the activity Ms. Desai told students that yoga teaches lifestyle and inner strength. Ms. Desai told that our work will always speak.

Then Ms. Desai did another small exercise with students wherein they were told to sit near the wall with
lower back touched with the wall and then to close eyes and visualize the flame of candle. This exercise was mainly to increase the power of visualization and to teach the participants how to concentrate. Ms. Desai during this session also told the participants to visualize their goals what they to become and achieve in coming years. MS. Desai told that students should have specific goals and should work for it. In the end Ms. Desai concluded the session with the small activity of
fashion show of yoga where 2 students one after another come forward walk on the ramp and perform one yoga they know and then move back. The participants confidently came forward and showed their knowledge about performing yoga excellently.

Ms. Desai in the end told the participants that they should be satisfied with what they have. Participants should stop complaining and develop the attitude of gratitude.

All the participants enjoyed the session and were happy to know about the yoga and their benefits.

Another session was taken by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak sir on Successful Entrepreneurial Exercise wherein he showed one video regarding unstoppable entrepreneur. Mr. Pathak told the students that sub conscious mind is more powerful. Mr. Pathak conducted a small activity were in the divided the participants in group. The formation of groups were also done in innovative way where they need to act according name specified in chits given and look for their group members. Then each group were given few cases of successful entrepreneurs which the group had to discuss among themselves. Each group then presented their cases one after another. Mr. Pathak in the end concluded the session by telling the participants that
they should search for the opportunities and the interest areas where they can explore themselves.

Post Lunch session was conducted by Mr. Kabir Thakor along with his trainers Mr. Vishal and Mr. Chirag. Mr. Thakor started the session by instructing the participants to stand in a circle. Mr. Thakor then started conducting various activities. In the first activity he told the students to call out their names one after another as loud as they
can. Then Mr. Thakor instructed the participants to call out the immediate standing participant name as loud as they can. This exercise is to give idea about concentration, alertness and awareness to the participants.

Mr. Thakor then conducted another activity wherein they they have to come in middle of the circle speaking of rhyming word of their name and a sound and others have to repeat the same. Mr. Thakor explained the students that the exercise was to give idea of self branding.

The session move forward by conducting another exercise in which they told the participants to walk in the speed as they instruct 0 was the pause while 5 was the maximum speed. Participants were not allowed to run. Then to give idea of creative
expression participants were told to do different things like to sit in position and imagine where they are sitting, to become and statue such that looking at them one can identify what they are doing. These activities were repeated and each time participants were instructed to be as innovative as they can. Participants were even given the various formations
to make to enhance their creative thinking.

In the last activity all the participants were told to sit in a circle where they have to play game. First was of communication wherein they have to pass a message to one another and maintain the accuracy. The game was played twice but the message changed each time. Mr. Vishal and Mr. Chirag then told explained the learning from the exercise that participants should develop listening skills. Listening should be a habit.

While concluding the session participants were involved in another activity where in each participant have to say a sentence and another should add another sentence to it and start forming a story. This activity was also repeated twice and participants had lots of fun in doing this activity.

The energetic session concluded when Mr. Vishal and Mr. Chirag summarized all the learning of team building, concentration, increasing listening abilities and leading towards creative approach.

Day three: Diwali Camp – Catch them Young

Oakbrook Business School organized 4th Entrepreneurial Orientation Programme Diwali camp for youth – Catch them Young from 8th November 2015 to 10th November 2015.

Day three of the camp (10th November 2015), all the participants gathered in the classroom and they were introduced with Mr. Rohit Patel by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak. Mr. Patel took session on communication skills and career guidance. Mr.
Patel explained three types of personality and asked participants to imagine three people whom they can fit in discussed types of personality. Mr. Patel told that good speech is another important quality that each participant should possess along with it explained the importance of manners in life and how style, manners and knowledge are always observed when we meet to new people. Mr. Patel asked the participants to be fearless in life and search the means to overcome their fear.

Participants learned essential qualities of personality and importance of good dressing, cleanliness and gestures. Participants also acquainted the qualities of time management and to accept the challenges. Participants also got aware about positive and negative qualities of their personality.

After the session of personality, Mr. Patel continued his session on the topic of creativity and explained the meaning of being creative. Mr. Patel quoted a sentence – ‘Creativity is father and knowledge is midwife of invention’. Mr. Patel instructed that guessing ability and sensitivity are necessary for being creative. According to Mr.
Patel creative people are not copy masters and further taught steps to be creative.

Participants had a clear picture of creativity and knew the steps to enhance their creative thinking after the session.

Post lunch session was taken by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak sir on entrepreneurial project. The session was planned in an activity form wherein participants were divided into 5 teams of equal members. Mr. Pathak guided the participants to take 15
minutes and think on the company name, brand name and product that they want to sell. Participants actively participated discussed among themselves and learned to work in teams. It was noticed that participants were more comfortable in performing group activity on the last day than on initial days of camp.

Participants had 15 to 20 minutes to make their products out of straws and othermaterials as they wish. Participants put all efforts to make their product best and competitive spirit was seen among them. Then Mr. Pathak told the participants to
exhibit, market their products and try to sell them out to the clients. Great marketing skills were seen in the young talent as they try their best to sell out the products and please the customers.

Participants learnt to decide company’s name, develop a brand and a product, to market the product, to strategize their sales and to negotiate and work in teams in this activity.

After the session of entrepreneurial experience parents meeting was scheduled.Parents of most participants came for the meeting and were shown the campus of Oakbrook Business School. Then parents with their children gathered in the seminar hall where Mr. Pathak gave a welcome address. Mr. Pathak informed parents that they are thinking for long term relationship. Mr. Pathak also shared his experience of conducting three days camp. Mr. Pathak noticed that each participant want to do things differently and are also aware of their social responsibilities which is very positive sign.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth, academic head of Oakbrook Business School also came forward and discussed the advanced camp planning that they are doing. Ms. Sheth also took the opportunity to introduce Oakbrook Business School and its activities with parents.

Now the dice was taken by the young participants wherein they gave their feedbackfor the camp one after another. Participants were pleased and happy to be part of the Diwali camp. Few parents also came forward and gave their suggestions and feedback to organizers of camp and the children.

Valedictory function was then carried out where each participant were awarded a certificate for participation and the winners of entrepreneurial activity was declared.

Ms. Sheth thanked the parents for trusting Oakbrook Business School and sending their children for the Diwali camp.