Electronics & Communication Engineering: Industry Growth and Employability 28th March



A scintillating seminar was held at Oakbrook Business School on 28th Mar’ 2014 on the topic “Industry growth and employability of Electronics & Communications Engineers”. The seminar had presence of a large number of students from various colleges as well as various semesters of Electronics & Communications Engineering. The students were eager to get addressed by prominent personalities of the field and get insightful anecdotes from them.

The seminar had presence of profound personalities of Electronics & Communications Engineering sector from academia as well as industry namely Samir Sanghvi (Founder, Director, Cybersurf India), Kunal Ray (Business Analyst, Maxim Integrate), Mohammad Oves (Sr. Professional, Maxim Integrated). The seminar was a highly interactive seminar where students and speakers shared their views and looked upon the opportunities in the field of Electronics & Communications Engineering.

Speaker 1: Mr. Samir Sanghvi (Founder, Director, Cybersurf India)

Mr. Samir Sanghvi has been at the forefront of making a difference by way his design sense and expertise. He is the founder-director of Cybersurf India, a company focused on web strategy, prototyping and research. In the last 20 years he has been involved in several prestigious projects where his sound sense of design and its impact on the solution has been highly appreciated and certified.

Mr. Sanghvi started his speech by listing the attributes to be an employable individual. He said that a candidate must firstly be qualified in order to do the work assigned to him, he/she must be passionate and willing to give his/her 100% to the job. He said that there has been a rapid evolution in the industry over the years and therefore one must be thoroughly prepared for dynamic industry. He further listed few more qualities for a person to be employable namely listening and responding skills, must be able to process comprehension, should be socially active, develop a proper work portfolio and develop effective communication skills. He ended his speech by asking the students to be prepared for hard work i.e. “Toil in your 20s and triumph in your 30s”.

Speaker 2: Mr. Kunal Ray (Business Analyst, Maxim Integrate)

Mr. Kunal Ray is an Instrumentation Engineer from the Cochin University in Kerala with close to prominent experience in the Yield Engineering and Defect Reduction domains in the Semiconductor Industry. He joined Maxim Integrated in 2010 and varied fields of interests in Electronics and Communication.

Mr. Ray initiated his speech by talking about his experiences and what he learnt from them. He further talked about his journey in Maxim Integrated and situations he faced. He then added that there is no scarcity of jobs in the industry but scarcity of quality employees. He urged the students to get engrossed in their subjects and excel in them in order to be employable. He described the branches of scope in the industry such as supply chain, solar fabrication, end-design and many more.

Speaker 3: Mr. Mohammad Oves (Maxim Integrated)

Mohammad Oves has a profound experience in Electronics and Communication; he has been with Maxim Integrated for a large span of time. His areas of expertise are Semiconductor Advanced Technologies and specifically Yield Enhancement domain. Mr. Oves has worked with Qualcomm as part of Snapdragon series processor team and also on various mobile baseband chips. He possesses cross domain knowledge of design, technologies and manufacturing. He has pursued Bachelor’s degree in Elec. and Comm. and PG in advanced DSP and wavelets.

He started his speech by talking about inculcating the qualities of being employable. He said that one has to take the plunge on your own and identify your choice and forte, then he/she needs to evaluate your skills and realize your talent. He asked the students to be focused and keep an eye on the industry and be updated with her latest trends and developments. He advised the students to be proactive and involve themselves in research and developing innovations in the industry. He concluded his speech by saying the students need to make the first move and improve and expand their abilities in order to be more employable.