Oakbrook Business School organized Finance Conclave – Fin-O-Con on 17th October 2015. The objective of the conclave is to analyze current trends in the Indian Financial Service Industry and actions taken by the industry players to find a remarkable place within sector with the objective of India’s equitable economic growth and to make students familiar about the growth, opportunity and challenges lying in the sector.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth, Academic Head of OakbrookBusiness School gave the welcome note. Ms. Sheth
welcomed all the distinguished speakers and introduced them to the beautiful journey of Oakbrook Business School till date and briefed them how Oakbrook Business School nurtures the students to make them industry ready. Ms. Sheth also informed that Oakbrook Business School is in process of starting incubation, innovation cell & requested guests to actively participate to promote innovation driven activities at campus.

Mr. Karan Doshi, Vice President, Yes Bank was the first speaker. Mr. Doshi
gave an overview on banking industry challenges and prospects. Mr. Doshi explained red ocean strategy and good strategy to the students. Mr. Doshi further told the students that they should think how they can be different
from others. Mr. Doshi told that students should add value to themselves. Perceptions are created, milestones should be set, and one should be opportunistic. Mr. Doshi told that banking is much regulated industry and one should meet people and keep adding insights. Mr. Doshi gave a clear picture of banking industry.

Next distinguished speaker of the day was Mr. Arvind Modi, Associate Vice President, Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd. Mr. Modi gave an overview in venture capital and private equity. Mr. Modi firstly introduced various means of finance to the
students including grants and equity. According to Mr. Modi, banks won’t finance unless collaterals are given while equity takes risk but expects more. Equity expects that every year, the value of company should increase by 25% to 30%. Mr. Modi gave a broad scenario of lifecycle of venture capital, venture capital investment process. In the end, Mr. Modi motivated the students that every day 4 start-ups are getting funded and venture capitalist will be there who will be
standing behind always. Students got clear understanding of venture capital and private equity.

Role of Credit Rating Company was discussed by Mr. Deepak Prajapati, Dy.
GM- Corporate Rating, Care Ratings. Mr. Prajapati started his session by explaining what actually credit rating is. According to Mr. Prajapati, Credit Rating is the reason of willing to invest. Mr. Prajapati thereby informed the
students that there are two types of credit ratings- long term ratings and short term ratings.
Mr. Prajapati then introduced the rating scale of care rating to students, risk assessment framework, types of risk. Mr. Prajapati also discussed the benefits of credit rating to investor, company. Mr. Prajapati also informed that entire financial sector uses credit rating services. Mr. Prajapati while explaining the challenges of debt market and banking sector explained the benefits of credit rating to banks and role of credit rating in mutual fund.

Mr. Apurva Gandhi, Executive Director, Tipsons Group was another distinguished speaker of the day. Mr. Gandhi gave broad overview of Indian debt market. Mr. Gandhi explained what regulators, sovereign issuers, instruments and
investors are. Mr. Gandhi informed the students that there is immense opportunity of growth in debt market, even huge scope of investment in infrastructure. Mr. Gandhi then discussed broadly on topics such as impact of inflation, issuance of
corporate bonds, need of efficient and effective bond market in India. Mr. Gandhi presented a clear picture of mechanism of debt market.

Mr. Palak Sheth, Member of Board of Governors took the opportunity to share his views with the
students. Mr. Sheth first of all thanked all the dignitaries to be part of Fin-O-Con. Mr. Sheth
then asked the first year students to take a note and start deciding about their internship. Mr.
Sheth told the students that there is ample opportunities available but thorough subject knowledge is what required by
the students. Mr. Sheth told students to regularly update their standards and make them ready for corporate world.

Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Tanvi Pathak, finance faculty Oakbrook Business School.

Post lunch, finance related competitions named Stock Mind: A portfolio management competition and FIN-Quiz were organized. Students have actively participated and showed their learning and knowledge about portfolio management and overall finance. During Stock mind competition, actual environment of stock market was seen in the seminar hall where
trading of stocks were done, news were flashed and 11 teams were busy with taking decision of buying or selling stocks of different companies by analysis both external and internal environment.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth congratulated entire team of Oakbrook Business School for making the event successful. The letters of appreciation were given to the students’ coordinator of the event to boost their morale.