In order to provide an insight into the working of different organizations, the students are provided with an on sight visit to various industries. The industrial visit provides a learning and working of different departments including Production, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Operations, and Logistics and so on and so forth.

40 students of MBA Sem-II along with five staff went for the Industrial Visit from 14 th to 16 th February, 2018.


The visit comprised of 5 industries from different sectors which were as follows:

  • Resins and Plastics Ltd. (RPL)
  • Ball Corporation
  • NSE
  • Indian oil Corporation
  • Essel World

Student acquired new skills and knowledge through their observations during exposure and industrial visit. Students could relate classroom discussion, case study discussion, various group discussions that took place in classroom to real life management.

I) Resins and Plastics Ltd. (RPL)

It is one of India's leading Synthetic Resin manufacturers catering to a wide range of industries today such as Adhesives, Coatings, Printing Inks, Insulating Varnishes, Wire Enamels, Lamination, Construction, Cosmetics, Textiles and Foundries. RPL commenced its operations in 1971. RPL's manufacturing facilities are located at MIDC, Taloja in Maharashtra and GIDC, Ankleshwar in Gujarat, both of which are in close proximity to the shipping ports. RPL's strength lies in its manufacturing and strong distribution network that spans across India. Shri Abhay A Vakil is the Chairman and Shri Rupen A Choksi is the Managing Director of RPL.

visit and explained the whole process of manufacturing the Resins. He informed that the whole process is done using natural gas which is procured. There was a machine called MRS (Meter Regulation Skid) which was used to convert the pressure of natural gas. Further Mr. Dogre introduced another machine named Thermopac in which the oil (Thermia B) was being heated at 230 degrees to 270 degrees Celsius which was then used for the process of manufacturing Resins. During this session, students interacted with him very effectively. He also talked about the HR and Finance specialization with a group of students. At RPL there was also an effluent (waste water) treatment plant which shows that the industry is also students were sent in 2 batches to visit the industry and the company also provided each student with the helmet which further shows that they are concern for the safety of not only its

After the session all the students were offered with refreshments. On behalf of Oakbrook Business School a vote of thanks & a memento was also provided to Mr. Rajesh Dogre as a token of appreciation. The session concluded with group photographs.All the students expressed their thanks to the officials for the opportunity given. This visit was highly useful for the students in terms of practical knowledge about the chemical Industry.


II) Ball Corporation

It is a British-based multinational consumer packaging company headquartered in London, England. It was a leading manufacturer of beverage cans. It had 55 plants in over 20 countries across Asia, Europe, North America and South America. In June 2016, the final regulatory hurdle was cleared for the purchase of Rexam by the American company Ball Corporation.

The visit to ball started with the presentation given by the company executive Mr. Vishal Upadhyay. He briefed with the history of the company and how the company works and also about the manufacturing process that is undertaken by the company. Products they manufacture are beverage packing, perfume bottles, aerospace, etc. He said the products are totally recyclable where 70% of the products manufactured are recycled. The per minute production is 3000units. The usage in India is 0.5 per person where as that of in foreign countries is 328 per person/ per year.

The manufacturing process carried out was well managed and safety and security of the employees as well as the consumers were taken care of. Also, the coordination between the workers was so good that the functions were performed easily and the tasks were completed at the given time. Overall, it was a great experience visiting such a well-known industry.



The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) is the leading stock exchange of India, located in Mumbai. The NSE was established in 1992 as the first demutualized electronic exchange in the country. NSE was the first exchange in the country to provide a modern, fully automated screen-based electronic trading system which offered easy trading facility to the investors spread across the length and breadth of the country. VikramLimaye is Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer (MD & CEO) of NSE.

Visit at NSE was scheduled at 11:00 AM 15 th February 2018. The students were taken in to auditorium of the NSE before which students were served with snacks and tea/coffee. The participants also included the students from Jai hind college Mumbai and other students from Vapi had also joined. The trainer was Mr.Hitesh Sethia who is a consultant to NSE and was there as presenter on behalf of NSE. The whole visit was organized with the help of Mr. Anil Jawaharni who coordinated for happening if the same. There were about 100 students at the session including three colleges Mr.Hitesh Sethia during the whole presentation explained the whole workings of NSE and importance of the stock exchange in our country. There we got to know something really new regarding Sports Exchange and Weather Exchange as concepts which may be real in coming future as per Mr. Hitesh Sethia. IPO, stocks, Sebi, Stock exchange, securities, technology used by NSE all were discussed during the session. At NSE about 6 Lakh crore of amount is transacted on daily basis excluding holidays. NSE works for about 252 days a year. Managing such a huge amount on daily basis is itself is real learning of management. Managing stocks, equities, derivatives, future options, etc. at such huge scale requires lot inclusion of technology. NSE has one of the most advanced technology to tackle such transactions. NSE’s trading systems, is a state of-the- art application. It has an up time record of 99.99% and processes more than 450 million messages every day with sub millisecond response time. This shows how efficient a company can be with use of technology.


The session ended by 01:30 PM. At last after the completion of session a vote of thanks was presented by Jitendra Yadav on behalf of whole Oakbrook Business School and token of appreciation was provided to Mr. Hitesh Sethiya by the faculties. The overall visit was very informative and interactive. Students got a lot to take back with them. They had a very great exposure to the real world of stock exchange and it’s working.


IV) Indian Oil Corporation (Vashi Plant)

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. in Vashi, Mumbai is a top company in the category of Grease and Lubricant manufacturing. It is currently number one in Industrial market and number two in retail market. The main USP of IOC is a very strong R&D which helps them to customize their product as per customer needs. The main clients of IOC are Defense and Railway.

The visit started around 4:30 pm where the chief operations officer of the plant, Mr. Pranay Vijay Vadiya explained the students the applications and the entire process of manufacturing Grease.

He explained that the process of manufacturing grease comes from a basic formula which is Acid + Base = Salt + Water. Acid which is basically fatty acid is mixed with base which is Lithium Hydroxide that is then heated in a jacketed vessel with base oil for up to 215°C. It is then cooled up to 90°C. In this process additives are also added which are as per client requirements.

After adding additives, the final product is filled in the barrels. Per barrel can be filled up to 182KG. The last process is of quality check which is done after 48 hours (settling time) of production.

Overall it was a fabulous experience where the students got a practical insight about grease and lubricant manufacturing process.


V) Essel World

Essel World is an amusement located in Gorai, Mumbai and established in 1989. The park is owned by Essel World Leisure Pvt. Ltd. Essel World along with its counterparts.The park is owned by Essel World Leisure Pvt. Ltd. (ELPL). Essel World along with its counterparts, Water Kingdom are stretched over 64 acres of land. Together, they are recognised as one of the largest Amusement and Water Park.EsselWorld is home to a variety of rides appropriate for individuals of all ages. It boasts of fourteen family rides, eleven adrenaline-pumping thrill rides and fifteen children's rides.

The students enjoyed visiting the scary place “Monsters In The Mist”.


Then the students also visited Ice-Skating where the temperature of the room was -4˚ celcius. All enjoyed skating in the ice.

During all the rides, student’s safety was given the paramount importance by all the ride operators.

Overall it was a great fun enjoying in such awesome rides and visiting one of the India’s largest theme and water park.