Oakbrook Business School gave warm welcome to Semester III students after their successful completion of Summer Internships at end of first year. Students with more enthusiasm and practical insights are back to campus completing one more milestone towards their bright career.

Orientation Programme started at 10:00 a.m. with a welcome speech by Ms. Shraddha Sheth Academic Head OBS. Slide show of the OBS was shown and overall progress of OBS was shared with the dignities. Information related to Marketing, CSR, HR and other conclaves were shared by Ms. Sheth. She also shared the feedback of corporate & indicated to students that this is the last year in college and they should take it with utmost care and sincerity if this year not taken sincerely they will have to work harder for better career. After the warm welcome given to the dignitaries, Chief Guest Mr. Dharmendra Joshi, Secretary General of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce of India shared his happiness of interacting with students. Mr. Joshi asked students few questions to the students related to their goals where they see themselves in next 15 years. He explained students the importance of goal setting. According to him each individual is influenced by parents, friends, family, social groups, to choose careers but it is duty of individual to set some target to be achieved and what is the ultimate goal for setting such targets. Individual should know what exactly one will achieve from these goals. He emphasized on keeping happiness following the ethical path as the prior goal.


Mr. Mukund Shukla, Chief Manager, Circulation, Indian Express was the key note speaker for the event. He informed students that in any organization their own people are their first customers. According to him students should create a positive approach towards each and everything; he also explained the same with example of Sachin Tendulkar, Vinod Kambli. He also asked students to do SWOT analysis of themselves and also of the organisation where they will join for better growth. Mr. Shukla speech was thrilling and motivated the students to work hard for better career.

Next Speaker, Mr. Siddharth Shah, Entrepreneur, Shalibhadra Pvt. Ltd. also interacted with the students. Mr. Shah emphasized on developing a value system in life. He told that growth should be backed by strong values. It is necessary for students to make observations and have their own opinion to improve themselves. He also advised students to develop a habit of diary writing.

Mr. Saleel Bhatt, Former Business Head of Aashima Group & associated as visiting faculty with OBS then interacted with students wherein he asked students to prepare ignited & specific goals for short, mid and long terms. He told students to have a spark. If students will love their job they will excel in any field. The second most important thing he asked students to do is to develop networks and make best use of the social media tools. Mr. Bhatt speech ignited the students to be enthusiastic forever.

Mr. Palak Sheth, Member of Board of Governors also interacted with the students and explained him how life is always full of difficulties and responsibilities. He told students that it has been completion of one year in OBS and so now they should be more responsible. Every student should achieve with excellence. He also indicated the rules and regulations & how to make best use of the system. He told that MBA programme is challenging & if taken in right spirit it will make them better professional.

Vote of Thanks was given by Ms. Radha Gandhi.

At 12:00 p.m. after a small break, session was taken by Digvijay Katkar, Head Corporate Affairs at Apollo Tyre. Sir started the session by his view on life. According to him life has 3 parts

  1. 01) Learning
  2. 02) Applying what is learnt
  3. 03) Proper Aptitude

Mr. Digvijay told that every individual is a manager as he has to manage his life, family and also profession. He emphasized on value system development. According to him nothing is impossible in life & one should learn to benchmark and cross it & make everything possible. Mr. Digvijay discussed about importance of leadership and being a leader. He shared that leadership is inbuilt process and comes from within and cannot be imposed. Mr. Digvijay also discussed about team building and its other aspects. Lastly he discussed about interpersonal skills which are most important in personal as well as professional life. He advised the students to keep SMART goals in life and always take a 360 Degree feedback.
In the session Mr. Digvijay gave 4 grandpa rules to students about how team of family can be made by not bringing dispute to family and respecting all the members. Mr. Digvijay also informed some dos and don’ts for life such as Never work in haste and avoid injustice.
After splendid learning students took lunch break at 2:00 p.m.


Post lunch session was conducted by Dr. A.P.Kuchadker, Professor Emeritus, IIT, Mumbai. Dr. Arvind also started his session explaining about how ethics are important in life. He discussed about the scope of HR in India and the need for potential people for the same. According to him concept of “Blended Learning” should be used often. He also discussed about team building and requirement for self learning. He ended his session introducing to students the importance of accepting life as an open ended question. He also gave example of Harvard University to give actual understanding of learning process.

The one day orientation programme ended and the Semester III students were taken introduced to the subject introduction by Ms. Radha Gandhi.

Students after the orientation are more sincere to work hard for achieving excellence in their career path.