The 21st century is the century of ‘Knowledge Economy’ and each country needs the enlightened youth who can contribute in the development of strong economy with rich socio- cultural environment. Globalization is the inherent part of the Knowledge Economy and internationalization of education is becoming key to success.

International Experience Program is aimed to provide an exposure to Indian students to international pedagogical environment in their academic specialization. It enables the students to know about the cross cultural environment which ultimately may turn into strong intellectual capabilities. IEP provides the opportunity to differentiate the individual in the competitive era.

IEP has been started with the motive to promote Internationalization efforts i.e. hosting foreign delegations, organizing International Conferences, promoting research and exchange of students and faculty members.

From Our Institute, Ankush Singh – student Batch 2016-18 had gone to Wismar University Germany and Mit Gusani, Jay Patel and Stuti Pandeya, students of Batch 2017-19 students had gone to Varna University of Management Bulgaria.


The students visit universities, which are Gujarat Technological University’s foreign partners, in the semester gap and study two (Pre decided) subjects of their respective courses.

Under this program, students study two subjects of their final year at the foreign university. Students also appear in internal examination, continuous evaluation and external examination conducted by the foreign professors at foreign university. If student achieves the passing grades in the exams he/she will be given the waiver for appearing in the internal and external examination of GTU for respective subjects. Apart from the above mentioned subject-learning experience, students also prepare the projects and case studies as decided by the foreign professors. They also visit the companies to enhance their understanding on the work culture of the foreign country in their respective fields. Apart from the academic activities students also get exposure to the socio- cultural environment by visiting popular places of the country. Once the program is over the students come back and join their parent college and finish their final year.