Mechanical Engineering: Industry Growth and Employability 27th March



A scintillating seminar was held at Oakbrook Business School on 27th Mar’ 2014 on the topic “Industry growth and employability of Mechanical Engineers”. The seminar had presence of a large number of students from various colleges as well as various semesters of Mechanical Engineering. The students were eager to get addressed by prominent personalities of the field and get insightful anecdotes from them.

The seminar had presence of profound personalities of Mechanical Engineering sector from academia as well as industry namely Professor In-charge E.D. Cell, Member secretary IPR- SVNIT-SURAT), Dr. Atul Bhargav (Faculty, IIT Gandhinagar), Dr. K. M. Srivastava (faculty, Indus University). The seminar was a highly interactive seminar where students and speakers shared their views and looked upon the opportunities in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Speaker 1: Dr. D.V. Bhatt (Professor In-charge E.D. Cell, Member secretary IPR- SVNIT-SURAT)

Dr. Bhatt has more than 33 years of experience in the coveted field of engineering out of which he has 11 years of industry experience while 22 years in academics. He has presented as well as published about 60 papers and also guided several M.Tech students. Dr. Bhatt has 6 patents to his credit and has executed numerous sponsored projects. His profound work experience includes being a Ph.D. Examiner at various Universities, Expert lectures at different institutions, Senate Member, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Academic Council Member (Mechanical), Saurashtra Uni, Chairman, Institution of Engineers (India), South Gujarat Local Centre (2010-12), Hon. Secretary, Institution of Engineers (India), South Gujarat Local Centre (2008-10), Core Executive Committee member (ED-Cell), South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries (2010-11), Chairman, Hon. Secretary and state level executive committee.

He started his speech by defining Mechanical Engineering; he gave a very interesting acronym for Mechanical Engineers and stated that mechanical engineering is the mother of all engineering branches. He said that Mechanical Engineering has never faced recession, he asked the students to look for distinct career options in their field and foster innovation. World economy has changed, Indian economy is changing dynamically and hence there are bound to be changes in the industry. He ended his speech by saying that there are millions of opportunities for mechanical engineers, one needs to find the direction and root for the goal.

Speaker 2: Dr. Atul Bhargav (Faculty, IIT Gandhinagar)

Dr. Atul Bhargav has varied experience of more than 10 years, he has worked at prominent organizations like Maruti Udyog Ltd., AVL Technical Centre, Ballard Power Systems etc. He has acquired his PhD from University of Maryland and his B. Tech from IIT Madras He also has a patent to his credit titled ‘Algorithm for a fuel cell power system integrated with a fuel processor’. Mr. Bhargav also has several publications to his credit.

Dr. Bhargav started his speech by stating that Mechanical Engineering is to play a significant role in combating the challenges of 21st century. He state that the population is going to cross the 9 billion mark in next decade and there are going to be a million numbers of challenges namely waste management, food supply, electricity supply, water supply and many such challenges which will be needed to be solved.

He stated that in this well connected world, a large number of information is available at one click, it is important to use this information judiciously. The employers around the world are looking for globally as well as locally aware ethical engineers who would make this world a place to live. In order to prepare for the industry, right attitude and aptitude is required, and one must inculcate basic attributes such as communication skills, behavioral manner etc. Mr. Bhargava ended his speech by advising the students to imbibe professionalism and self esteem, these will largely determine your success make you highly employable.

Speaker 3: Dr. K. M. Srivastava (Faculty, Indus University)

Dr K. M. Srivastava holds a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Turbomachines from IIT Madras and a MBA. He has an enriching experience of more than 40 years in the area of engineering research and design. He has extensively engaged for nearly twenty years in the research & development (on thermal power plants IIT, Madras, NAL, Bengaluru, research engineer (TV/TVLT Dept.) He also carries with him an experience of about 14 years in design & engineering, manufacturing, site-support, customer-interaction, Research and Management of Thermal power stations at BHEL. His passion for R&D and teaching made him join academics, currently; he is associated with Indus University, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Srivastava initiated his speech by advising the students to polish their skills and catch the eye of employers. He asked the students to observe the environment and develop their talents, think differently and ideate new things by developing a lateral thinking attitude. He further added that research is a very important factor for developing skills; research will enable the students with practical knowledge and thereby develop a distinct quality. He ended his speech by stating that quality students will be sought after by employers in the coming years and by quality, it means an overall aptitudes of open-ness, innovative thinking and good communication skills along with thorough academic knowledge.