The celebration of Oakfiesta / Annual Day is special as it provides a platform for the students to showcase their talents and they put their best for different activities.Students can also show their management skills for managing different events. The 2nd Oakfiesta was organized on at Oakbrook Business School on 27 th October, 2016. The theme of the event was “We – the team”.

The most awaited event – “Oakfiesta-2016” was started with great excitement. It started with Treasure Hunt Adventure, a map-based puzzle that the entire group must solve. All five teams were searching for the options and had great fun in solving the clues.

Then, next competition was of “Bollywood Quiz”. This quiz contained questions related to bollywood movies, actors, actresses, dialogue of films etc. Team with highest score was announced as a winner. Students are fan of Bollywood movies, so they enjoyed a lot!!!!!!!

After that, one drama has been performed on “India me sab chalta hai”, which gave strong message to fight against contamination like corruption, cleanliness, violence etc.

The next competition was of “Face Painting”. Participating teams put a lot of detailing into their pictures in an amazingly short amount of time. They all worked on theme of the Oakfiesta- “We – the team”. All students enjoyed this the most.

In second half of the event, Dance and Singing competition were organized. There were classical dance and dances on Bollywood songs. Student’s performances had mesmerized the audience and whole environment changed with the loud voice “once more……. Once more”. One funny dance had been performed by a group. Wonderful melodies and lovely songs sung by the participated students in Singing competition which made the atmosphere vibrant.

Winners of all competitions were awarded with certificates. The whole day was well spent and students made it memorable with lots of enthusiasm.