One of the most anxiously awaited occasions in any college is its annual day. Great excitement and hurried activities are visible all around. Oakbrook Business School celebrated its 5 th annual day “Oakfiesta” on November 1, 2018, centred on the theme “Retro: Back to 70’s” encapsulating a plethora of activities and a gamut of emotions.


The pre celebration started 3 days prior to the main day of the event where the students decked up themselves as per the different themes. The themes for 3 days celebration was Mismatch Day, Traditional Day and “Retro: Back to 70’s”


Oakfiesta covered a number of events on various kinds of art forms, challenging  competitions, games, live performances, talent shows like Fashion Show, Dance, Singing, Drama, Ad-Mad Show, Poetry Recitation, Skit, Comedy and DJ where the budding talents of the college showcased their multifaceted talent and made the campus more vibrant with their style and performances.


Students whose performances were liked most by the audience were awarded. The award of “Best Dressed” for different themes was
also given. McDonald presented the discount coupons to all the students and staff.


Students enjoyed the event at fullest and rocked the dance floor with DJ and breath-taking music. The day was very engaging and memorable.