MBA is a two-year, full-time program. During the two years of MBA, a students will study the curriculum in two parts General Management Courses and the Elective Courses. The General Management Courses will be in the first year and the Elective Courses would follow in the second year.

The General Management Courses occupies approximately 60-65% of the total curriculum, which includes several organization-based projects. The aim of the General Management Courses is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge, skills and techniques, contextual understanding, and an overall perspective. It will provide a broad training to students that will help them in career flexibility and mobility. It will also help them move towards management positions where the challenges and the contributions may be the greatest.

The Elective Management Courses are based on the industry specific functional skills of the niche area. In this era of specialization, a stress on the concentration will be on the following: finance, human resources management, information technology, international business, marketing, operations management, and strategy. The second year of the program will be exposed to lot projects components for the students to get practical exposures of corporate.